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Essie has been my most favourite nail polish lacquer by far. The finish is very glossy and with full shine. Essie carries a great range of shades and colours that meet every one’s desire. The dry time is really fast so there is no need to set for hours to dry your manicure and pedicure to start to do things. And I think they are well priced, I have some favourite shades that I always keep them in my drawer which goes with all my outfits and compliment each season.

  • Adore a Ball – is a half white shade, I have been really loving a nice crisp white look on my nails but since I have a yellow under tone I felt chock white was not what I was looking for, this really compliments my skin and at the same time it’s giving my nails that clean look that I was looking for. I feel this shade can be worn at any season and any outfit. The texture is a little transplant, you can get the true shade with three coats as worn below.


  • Eternal Optimist – is a soft nude shade and I am sure all of us are some how crazy about nude shades. This has a little pink shade in it which I totally love about, goes with all my outfits and give me the edgy look. This Eternal Optimist can be worn all around the year. You can get the true look with only two coats.


  • Good As Gold – is a gold shade and Essie is one of the Brands that carries the most desirable gold colour in nail lacquer. Love to wear this on holidays and winter seasons or date night where the reflect of lights catches the eyes for a glamorous look. I also like to glam it up with some glitters as shown below, besides the glitters also helps my manicure to stay longer.


  • Peach Daiquiri – this is a nice bright peachy shade, I love to start my spring and summer days with some bright shades. This Peach Daiquiri is a perfect shade to compliment all skin tones and brings a little fun to outfits. I am not crazy about neon shades at all but I think this colour is bright enough for me and little different from pinks or peach colours.


  • Wicked – last but not least, this is my the most favourite of all time, basically there is no way I wouldn’t have this shade no matter which season. This is a dark burgundy shade which sits somewhere between brown and burgundy. Wicked is a perfect dark shade to compliment all skin tones. I wear this colour regardless of season, it goes with all the outfits, goes well my skin tone and I have been wearing this colour more than 12 years now. You can probably imagine how crazy I am about this shade. As far as I know there are lots of lovers for Wicked.