Laura Mericer | Pure Canvas Primers

Laura Mercier just introduced a selection of primers to enhance all skin textures. Laura Mercier is one of the brands that really do well when it comes to complexion products. Yet I find this selection of primers is probably the best for your skin needs. These primers are designed to cover every skin texture’s needs with an extra boost for a perfect and long-lasting makeup look. The selection consists of:

This is a priming essence that prepares skin for a super smooth makeup look. It’s really designed to boost hydration levels on the skin and works as a booster for your complexion. It not only creates a nice and flawless canvas for your makeup it also extends your makeups wear. As many of you know I have not been into primers especially those with silicone formula, unless that you really know your foundation that would go with it – otherwise, it can be very tricky to layer them together. For me, boosters have always been a way to go as my primers. This Super Charged Essence is lightweight and gets into the skin immediately. It’s silicone-free so it goes well with any of the foundations you wear.

This is a water-based primer with a blurring effect that is designed for oily skin texture. It really gives that soft-focus effect with extends wear of makeup. Its formulated with microalgae, blurring powder, and glycerin which improves skin’s texture provides a mattifying effect while blurring the appearance of pores and lines and attracts moisture to the skin all day long respectively. The formula is lightweight as well as carries skin-loving ingredients so it not only protects skin, it also nourishes the skin.

This hydrating primer is also a water-based primer that offers long-term moisture to complexion. It’s lightweight and goes smoothly on the skin while it’s formulated with nourishing ingredients like olive extract that smooths the look of skin from hydration, marine hydra botanicals which nurtures skin while recovers skin’s moisture levels, and glycerine that attracts moisture for comforting skin. It’s designed for dry and normal skin texture.

This is a skin-perfecting primer that really finishes the complexion flawlessly and preps skin for a seamless finish while it extends makeup wear. The formulas contain the most nourishing ingredients such as, Vitamin C, Green tea extract, and Aloe Vera gel that brightens skin over time, diminish the appearance of fine lines and clams, and soothes skin respectively. It really goes on smoothly on the skin and gives that nice and plumped skin for a super smooth makeup finish. It’s designed for all skin textures from dry to oily.

Yet this is an illuminating water-based primer that is formulated with light-reflecting pearls. It offers a nice luminosity to the skin while extends the wear of makeup. The formulas contain micronized pearls that brighten and nurture skin for that optimum glow, porcelain flower extract that supports radiance, and a light-reflecting complex that creates and smooth effect on the skin to really even out skin’s imperfection. It’s designed for all skin textures especially for those with dry and normal skin.

Overall a huge thumbs up for all these new additions. Primers are definitely essential for a smooth finish and long-lasting makeup looks. These new additions from Laura Mercier are effective and are truly high performance. I was able to use Supercharged Essence, Hydrating, Perfecting, and Illuminating primers and they all performed well on my skin. It’s very hard to choose one favorite one but if I have to get to choose between them I would go for Supercharge Essence and Illuminating primers. You can now find it online at Sephora and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Press samples provided and courtesy of Laura Mercier.