The VIntage Cosmetics

Recently I received a couple of items from The Vintage Cosmetics. I didn’t know much about the brand but when I went to their page to explore some of the products I was amazed. It’s a UK-based brand carrying a great range of products from hair, face, nails to some beauty tools. The brand carries a very unique vintage pattern with some very cute looking animates. I was thrilled to try out some of the products from the brand. I received Make-Up Melts, False Eyelashes, Eyelash Curler and 4 Piece Sectioning Clips for reviewing purposes. I was in love with them at first sight. These products come in nice vintage looking packaging carrying the same follower pattern.

Up first is the Make-up Melts towels are makeup removing and exfoliating towels that instantly removes makeup with a splash of water as well as you can use it as an exfoliator on clean skin. Each pack carries three pink square shape towels with a very soft and silky texture. I find these great on my sensitive skin, you don’t need any thing just a splash of water which makes with supper easy to carry with you while you’re traveling. There are no chemicals, very safe and gentle at the same time. You can also use your makeup remover for a very quick removal of makeup. They’re reusable and Machine wash friendly.

Up next is the False Strip Eyelashes – they carry a great range of false lashes in many different shapes and lengths. They all have a very vintage and traditional names which makes it easy while you’re shopping for your very own false lashes. The boxes come in with an adhesive for the lashes. I received them in:

  • Nancy Lashes –  comes in 0.9cm in Length, this adds a very natural and delicate volume to the lashes.
  • Betty Lashes – creates a nice vintage look, it comes in 1.2cm in length. Suitable for half lashes.

The adhesive works great, stays input all the time and removes easily with a makeup remover. I’m not a fake lash person but I love to wear them one in a while on a special event or occasion. I have tried both of them and they both gives a nice subtle lash look. The Nancy Lashes finishes the look naturally, which I love to wear most of the times. And Betty Lashes a little more drama to the finish of the lashes.  I personally loved the look of both lashes.

Up next is the Eyelash Curler that comes in high quality carbon steel and comes in silver and Rose Gold (limited edition). I wish this came in baby pink shade, I think that would have made this very cute. It also carries two replacement silicone pads which I found pretty good in compare to other lash curlers carries only one. Although I don’t use a curler for my eyelashes most of the times but after giving it a couple of shots, I would say it works pretty good. I found the lash curler works as good as any other normal lash curler would work.

Last but not least is the 4 Piece Sectioning Clips that comes in two shades – baby pink and baby blue. These comes in a soft touch texture and holds hair amazingly while styling. I have a pretty thick and heavy hair where I find most of the hair section clips doesn’t hold my hair. I was pretty impressed with these sectioning hair clips. These section hair clips carries crocodile teeth where it really holds on the hair without pulling the hair out.

over all a huge thumbs up for this brand The Vintage Cosmetics. I was pretty impressed with the quality and performance of the items I received. The brand carries a huge range of beauty products and styling tools. I would highly recommend to browse in to their website, it’s pretty impressive.

Many thanks to The Vintage Cosmetics team for sending out some of the items for the reviewing purposes.