How to Pull off Bold and Dark lips

This season it’s all about bold and dark lips that always looks hot and its’ definitely inspiring on the catwalk. Yet most of us are intimidated about trying them on in real life including me, but as a blogger I have come a long way, many times when I was afraid the most to try on a dark and vampy shade. I felt much comfortable after giving it a try at home in my comfort zone and I have slowly came across to the point where I can wear the deepest and most darkest shade while rocking in it. The below tips will also helps you to pull off a perfect red lips!I have got came across some tips to help you on how to pull off perfect bold lips!

  • Get your dark lipsticks in matte or satin texture, it stays input and doesn’t smear while giving you that comfort of being your self rather than worrying about your lips.
  • Using a nice lip moisturizer balm, concentrating on the center of the lips (where we usually get dry) only, this is only for your lips to look healthy and fuller.
  • Select your color by your skin undertone.
  • Use a pencil liner of the same color of the lipstick, by shading into the corner of the lip with the lip pencil so you get that nice pouty and clean lips. probably one of the most important steps.
  • Use a stick concealer along the lip line: it will make your lips look fuller (especially when we’re working with a color that usually makes lips look smaller) and it protects the lipstick from bleeding.
  • Apply the lipstick starting from the center of the lips and sheer it out. End it by pressing your lips with your fingers, it help to create more of a softer look.



Hope you have enjoyed my fall lipstick round up, I would love to know whats your it shade this fall season?