HOLIDAYS | Limited Edition Face Palettes


All the Holiday collections are coming out, to give out the best of best in this season, where every one wants to look their best. And today I have round-up three of my favourite Limited Edition face palettes for the holiday season coming ahead.  This is for those who loves to get luminous and glowy skin but wants to try something new. If you’re like me and almost always leaves house with a contoured and highlighted face then you will definitely love this review. I have a mix of neutral to glamorous number of different formulas. If you’re looking for a good triple-duty product that offers contouring, highlighting and blushes. I hope this guide will help you find a new one this season.


Nars | Steven Klein Collaboration

One Shocking Moment Cheek Palette

This is a limited edition cheek palette which features four blushes, a contouring duo and a glowing Laguna bronzer. This cheek palette have been created exclusively for the Steven Klein for Nars collection, and I feel it is a shocking moment cheek palette since it has every thing you need for cheeks.  The texture is very soft and pigmented; you can really see the colour in live with in one swatch and since the texture is really soft there are no fall outs. This cheek palette retails at C$92.00.


Contour blush Paloma (I) is a soft light and matte finish shade that would be great to use it as a highlighting the high ends of the face, since I have a fair skin you can’t really see the swatch, but I like to use it as my setting powder for highlighting, I like how it’s matte finish.

Contour blush Paloma (II) is a matte contour shade which has a perfect universal shade to contour. I think it’s a one universal shade that covers all skin tones. Totally love this shade, perfect to contour face to its shape.

Bronzing Powder in Laguna has a velvety texture, where it has a golden glow into it. Very similar to Paloma (II) blush shade but has this golden shimmer where its perfect for those summer days, I am loving this bronzing powder, since we are in to the fall season and not much use of bronzers at this time of year, I tried to contour my eye with this bronzer and believe it or not it is one amazing shade to pop out your eyes.


Ok can we talk about these gorgeous blush shades that I am dying for, first Robotic is a beautiful I would say Barbie pink blush, it has a matte velvety finish texture. Then Blasphemy is a rosy coral shade. Blasphemy has little golden sparkles, where it will provide a beautiful glow to the cheeks. Next Luster is a peachy coral shade, again with little golden sparkles to give cheeks glow and perfect for evenings with red bold lips. And last Dolce Vita is a watermelon shade, and again with golden little sparkles for perfect glow, and perfect for ladies with darker skin tone.

Totally loved this palette for its universal use, that can be used for all skin tones and basically have covered all shades of blushes that I lady can use. The only thing I feel missing in this palette is a highlighter, I wish they had squeezed in a highlighter rather than Paloma (I), I don’t see much use of Paloma (I) rather than powdering.


Laura Mercier | Candleglow Luminizing Palette

It is a light infused dimensional palette to create a glow for skin; this palette is versatile and easy to use. This features two all over face highlighting powders, four eye shadows to deliver a touch of shimmer to the eyes. This palette provides sheer luminizing coverage. The Candleglow Palette is Laura Mercier’s artistry approach on strobing to create a natural looking glow. the pearl size is different in the eye and cheek: The eye shadow has more of a textured pearl to catch the light, while the face pearl is more refined, creating an all over glow. This Candle glow Luminizing palette retails at C$70.00.


This palette contains: 

 Four eye shadows in 0.035 oz

  • Eye shadow in Glow (light yellow lavender with shimmer) is more like a pearly shimmer.
  • Spark (light pink with shimmer) has a pink tent into it and has a calm shimmer.
  • Light (light yellow) is a creamy with more define shimmer.
  • Twinkle (gold) is a pure gold shade with define shimmer.
 Two highlighting powders in 0.11 oz
  • Highlighting powder in Radiance (light peach) is a defined all over face highlighter with a clam peachy shade.
  • Glimmer (light bronze) is a more intense shade with more sparkles go over cheek bones and forehead for a  bronzy look.


I was a little disappointed with the texture of the products, it is easy to use but I noticed too much fall outs, and I would say no pigmentation, and not build-able, these swatches are wet since it was really hard to capture the true colours in dry. You can see the skin through the eye shadows and highlighters. It’s perfect for those who is looking for more neutral shades. I was not pleased with the highlighter shades at all, I have a fair skin tone and you can really see with the swatches how it would look on my cheek bones, I feel it would create a dirty effect but eye shadows makes a great highlighting effects on my skin tone. The highlighters would be great for ladies with darker skin tones.


Hourglass | Ambient Lighting Edit

I have been waiting for this palette to come out so impatiently, I am a big sucker for packaging and Hourglass is one of my favourite brands that comes with luxuries looking packaging. Ambient Lighting is a limited edition face palette by Hourglass. Hourglass never fails to bring the best in the market. This is a luxurious handmade bronzer, blush and highlighting powder palette to go. This sleek palette will give you every thing you need contour, highlight, brighten and finish the skin.



This palette contains: 

  • Dim Light: A neutral peach beige powder shade that blurs imperfections and highlights the complexion, it gives skin new life.
  • Strobe Lighting Powder in Iridescent Strobe Light: A rose pearl powder that gives a refined glow to the complexion, is a great to highlight the high point of face.
  • Diffused Light: A soft, warm, pale yellow powder that conceals redness and gives skin clarity, a great powder to set the foundation with.
  • Mood Exposure: A soft plum blush fused with mood.
  • Luminous Flush: A champagne rose blush fused with luminous light to give cheeks a glimmer.
  • Luminous Bronze Light: A medium tan shade fused with luminous light for softer, a perfect bronzer all year-long to give warmth to the skin.


This palette is designed to enhance all skin tones and delivers a multidimensional luminescence to the skin. Totally in love with its custom large-sized mirror. All these powders are Paraben free. Ambient Lighting Palette retails at C$95.00.

Over all I am in love with all these palettes but my favourite one is the hourglass, since it’s one palette that carries every thing, and is a multitask palette, from setting the foundation to highlighting contouring and blushing.