FALL | Lip Color Must Haves


Autumn is here which mean darker tones are back, matte fish skin, muted eyes, flushed cheeks and vampi lips. Today I will be sharing some of my favorite fall lip colors, they not only looks good but lasts longer as well. And besides I think lipstick is great way to make the look a little edgy. Personally I am a big fan of really dark colors for lips during this season but I am sharing some of the naturals and daily wearable tones for the ladies who are interested.  I always prefer to use dark color lips in matte finish since they do stay longer plus it doesn’t smudge around the lip area which is what we want since all the attention is on the lips.


Always make sure to use lip liner closest to the lipstick shade, it will not only make the lipstick stay longer but will get the true color of the lipstick. Here are some of the shades that I personally prefer to wear during this fall. I haven’t used any lip liner with all these swatches since I wanted you all to see the real shade of the products and all these products that I am putting into the review doesn’t really need lip liners since they all carry high pigmentation plus they are all full coverage.


  •  Marvelous Mauve: I will start from a Nude shade; this is a perfect nude for this fall which is Rouge Creamy lip Stain in Marvelous Mauve from Sephora collection. This is a matte finish lip stain, that feels so silky and light weight. It comes in liquid form but it’s a full coverage lip stain. This do intent to get a little darker than it looks or it does gets darker after few minutes of wearing. This is a sold out shade all the time at Sephora since there is so much demand on this specific color.  Marvelous Mauve retails at C$18.00.




  • Blackberry Sorbet: This is also from Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain Collection. This is a really dark blackberry tone that has a little of blue hint in it. This shade goes with all skin tone. I am really in love with this shade, totally wearable for every day. These lip stains from Sehpora feels so soft and silky on lips, doesn’t makes lips dry at all.



  • Bauhau 5- Deep Raspberry: Next my favourite for this fall is the new Kat Von D Everlasting Liquid lipstick in Bauhau 5- deep raspberry, which is a really deep plum tone. This is a full coverage lipstick in liquid form as well and glides on very smooth and turn in to a matte finish. It is a very long-lasting lipstick, my lipstick usually doesn’t stay after eating but with this one, it stayed on my lips more than 5 hours and had eaten in between as well but even then it looked perfect. Plus it doesn’t feel dry at all, It’s infused with natural comfort-enhancing ingredients, including vitamin E and sunflower seed so you can flaunt lasting matte colour that leaves lips feeling comfortable. This Bauhau 5- deep raspberry retails at C$24.00 and it lasts for a very long time.



  • What’s going on?: I feel it’s impossible to not add a pink shade to your collection no matter what is the season; I am in love with this M.A.C’s Vimplify lip-gloss limited time collection in (What’s going on?). It’s a hot intense fuchsia shade. It is a lip gloss with colour infusing technology which is loaded with high pigment. It is totally the opposite of the other two shades; it’s not matte finish at all. This shade is loaded with shine and intensity. I feel you can go crazy with this lip gloss. You can add this to any lipstick or try to line all the lip with your favourite lip liner and for a dramatic look add this on top. M.A.C Vimplify retails at C$20.00.



  • LIV: Nars never fails to bring the best in the market. LIV Audacious Lipstick from Nars is an amazing lipstick for this fall, it has a really deep burgundy tone. It glides on like satin across skin with ulterasoft texture. I would prefer to under line the lips with a lip pencil to avoid creasing since it does crease around the lips area but other than that this is my favourite and must have lipstick for the season. LIV retails at C$39.00 and not to forget it’s an Allure best Winner product.



  • We all own a dark tone lip pencils somewhere in our drawer that goes with our skin tone and it’s time to use it ladies, just line the whole lips with the lip liner and it become the perfect lip colour for fall. It will stay longer, doesn’t smudge plus will give the matte velvety finish of all time. I believe we don’t have to spend hundreds of $$$ to achieve a look that we want, we probably own all those products it’s just the matter of how to use them. I used one of my old lip liner that I owned from a very long time, from Annabels (can’t read the name since it has been washed) to get a more like a vampi lips, and I love it.