GIVENCHY | LES SAISONS & POINT D’ENCRAGE 2017 Spring-Summer Makeup Collection

Givenchy have launched their new Spring/Summer collections of makeup this February. These collections features a mix of pearly and bronzy themes. Les Saisons Collection and  Point D’encrage Collection 2017 – I received a bite from each collection where I will share both collection at the same post. This is my first time playing with Givenchy’s beauty products. Although I have owned couple of products from the brand but I never have gone through the whole makeup collection before. Having said that, I will not be able to compare or refer to any of the products from the brand. The Les Saisons Collection 2017 contains bold and bronzy theme and Point D’encrage collection 2017 carries a very pearly selection. Both collections are very different from each other.

Les Saisons Collection 2017

This collection has been inspired by the Gypsophila flower. The collection have been designed by the Givenchy’s global makeup artist Nicolas Degennes. This collection carries a selection of products for bold and bronzy look for this summer season.

  • Healthy Glow Powder Floral Impression Limited Edition (C$90.00) – is a beautiful crafted floral bronzer which offers a beautiful sun-kissed glow to the complexion. The texture is soft yet weightless and carries a very subtle glow (no sparkles). It comes in a sleek-looking compact packaging along with an over size mirror for touch up while on the go. You can use this compact as eyeshadow as well as blush.
  • Le Rouge in Coral Gypsophila & Le Rouge-A-Porter in Red Gypsophila Limited Edition – both are beautiful lipsticks with an ultra and sensational hydrating formula. Comes in a chic minty colored lather case, which adds a luxurious look to the packaging. They both lasted pretty good amount of time on my lips, as any other regular lipstick would last. Reapplication is required after meal. They don’t dry up lips after wear at all.
    • Le Rouge-A-Porter in Red Gypsophila is a beautiful rose red colored shade. That I think it’s really flattering on all skin tones and perfect for date nights.
    • Le Rouge Coral Gypsophila is a beautiful coral shade. It’s one of the shades where you can add a pop of color to your look for this spring and summer.

Point D’encrage
Spring/Summer 2017 Le Makeup Collection

This is a pearly-themed beauty collection that just launched for Givenchy this Spring. The collection features a pale pearly shades and bright pink colors. This collection focuses more on glowy complexion.

  • Memoire De Forme Highlighter in Pink Ink (C$45.00) – is a gel like highlighting cream. It’s a very subtle pearlescent shimmery highlighter which is perfect for strobing face and body. This strobing gel is light weight and creates a very natural radiance and dewy looking complexion. Mémoire de Forme Highlighter contains 72% water. This year strobing is in high trend. I loved the pink pearly shade along with gel like texture which I feel is flattering on all skin tones. It literally gives skin a nice natural glow that comes from within.

  • Travel Prisme Libre in Mousseline Pastel (C$40.00) – is one of best-selling Prisme Libre Loose powder in Mousseline Pastel color now available in travel size. This is Givenchy’s best-selling illuminating loose powder which now is designed to be on the go. It’s the combination of 4 shades of Givenchy’s most popular color correcting shade Mousseline Pastel. It’s a universal finishing powder for a perfectly matte yet radiant and translucent complexion. It comes in a practical puff concealed in the packaging for a perfect application. I was very happy when I saw this, since as many of you know how much I love to use loose powder for setting my makeup with. This not only sets you makeup it also gives complexion a nice and subtle glow.

  • New Liner Vinyl in Black Blue ink – is a liquid eyeliner with array of deep blues for this Spring/Summer.  This eyeliner is one of the most beautiful liquid eyeliner I have used so far. The texture is very glossy and shimmery with a pretty good lasting power. It lasts all day long on my eyes with no smearing or smudging. It carries a sharp brush tip applicator for more precision application.

 With different lighting:

The Body Shop Liquid eyeliner in Black
New Liner Vinyl in Black Blue ink

  • Huile Irresistible Pour Les Levres Lip Oil in Fuchsia Ink – is a translucent pink lip oil that plump, softens and hydrates the lips. It’s infused with five plant oils rich in fatty acids. As well as it contains eosin which enhances natural lip colour. The texture is very light and doesn’t feel sticky like some of the other lip oils. It carries a very translucent texture, it literally adds any color to the lips, while the lasting power is pretty good. I loved the packaging since it’s locks the oil so well there is no need to worry on leaking while you carry it on your on the go bag. It comes along with a fat cushioned applicator for easy to use application.

Bottom line a huge thumbs up for both collections. Both collection carries simple items to enhance the beauty in you and focuses more on complexion while adding a pop of colour on lips. They all come in a great luxurious looking packaging. Les Saisons Collection and  Point D’encrage Collection 2017 are available at,,

Items from both collection were provided by the Givenchy Beauty for reviewing purposes.