The Estée Edit By Estée Lauder

pickerimageEstée Lauder have just launched a new line this spring The Estée  Edit. This Brand is to primarily attract younger and modern consumers by Attitude. The prices are pretty much affordable compare to many other well-known brands including Estée Lauder. I always have been one of royal customers of the Estée Lauder and I feel they always brings the best for their costumers, having said that since The Estée Edit is a branch attached to Estée Lauder it’s likely that they use the same ingredient for their products. The Estée Edit carries a collection of products, from skin care to makeup products. I want to thank The Estée Lauder team for sending couple of products for me to try out, and I must say I was very pleased with the outcome. I got to test Pink Peony Over Night Water Pack Masque , Rescue Balm for Face and Body, Dissolve The Drama Makeup remover wipes and Mattified Lipstick in Your Welcome.

  • Pink Peony Over night Water Pack Masque (C$58 for 1.7 oz) is a water-gel mask which is filled with fruit and flower extracts. Pink Peonies are always known for soothing the skin plus all the berry fruits are filled with anti-oxidant to boost the hydration of the skin while you’re sleeping. As I have mentioned on my pervious post about my concerns on getting some dry patches from previous testing so I was a little carious about the out come, this is my first experience with their masks and must say that I am thoroughly impressed. All my dry patches were vanished within one use and it had worked its magic through the night. This Pink Peony Over night water pack masque is very light weight and even though it claims that it’s a quick absorbing mask I find it stays on skin for some time but without bothering or feeling greasy on skin. It works on all skin textures and provides a quick hydration to skin.


  • Rescue Balm for Face + Body (C$58 for 3 oz) is an all over oil infused cream for dry and dehydrated skin. It is formulated with some of the richest fruits and oils like coconut, avocado and mango which deeply nourishes and hydrates the skin. I found it works best on the most dehydrated areas like hands, elbows, knees or dry feeds especially now since we’re in transition of boots to sandals. This Rescue Balm provides an ultra hydration to the skin with no time, especially if you’re on the go and you need to gear up quick this is perfect to give you a clean finish from head to toe.
    This can also use it as a weekly face masque by applying a generous layer and leave on for 10 minutes; tissue off any excess. I did try it on skin as a quick mask and I felt It had a renewed skin after long dry winter season. It is also  non-acnegenic which mean it won’t clog pores and it smooth’s face and body.


  • Dissolve the Drama LongWear Makeup Remover Wipes (C$18 for 30 sheets) are great for removing the stubborn, pigmented and long wear makeup with no time. It is an oil-free cleansing wipes which leaves skin well hydrated. I love the fact that it has a fresh citrus scent, and leaves skin completely clean and fresh. I usually use a two-step cleansing routine, removing my makeup with wipes first and then using my facial cleanser to completely remove any makeup reduce that is left behind. But I do have those tired nights where removing makeup is seems like not going to happen, with these wipes I could remove the whole makeup with less time plus it really removes makeup, leaving nothing behind not even dryness. I felt it leaves skin with hydration, even if you escape the night routine, the skin doesn’t feel dry at all, not like other makeup remover where the skin feels tight and dry after the use. This is formulated with non-acnegenic which means it will not clog pores. It does come in a smaller package which is very easy to carry along with you any where just make sure it is well sealed right after the use to keep the wipes moist.


  • Mattified Lipstick (C$26 for 0.12 oz)  is a full coverage lipsticks which feels light while on the lips. It comes in 12 gorgeous bold colors with high impact and smells incredibly delicious yumm. The texture is soft and it glides on lips smoothly, you can get the true color with just on swipe. It is infused with conditioning oils, including jojoba oil which leaves lips well hydrated. The lasting power is amazing, it stayed on my lips for a pretty good amount of time. I do recommend a matching lipliner blended around the edges to help the finish look a bit more bolder and blended in with the lip. The texture is rich and opaque but don’t look flat on the lips like some full-coverage lipsticks can. Love the traditional angled shape of the Mattified Lipstick where it glides on effortlessly and creates a perfect finish.

Closer look to colors and swatches:

Comparison swatches:

You’re Welcome from Estée Edit
Military Red from Burberry (Reviewed here)
Divinora #422 from Guerlain (discontinued)
Cruella velvet matte lip pencil from Nars
Hot Nights from Lancôme (discontinued)
Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Icon from Hourglass Cosmetics

Bottom line Bothe the Pink Peony Over night water pack and Rescue Balm have exceeded my expectations. I do think both of them are items that I will use to the end. I was very impressed with what the Brand is offering, there is a great range of other skin care products where I will definitely try out. out of the tow I have to say I am most impressed with the Pink Peony – especially with the way it took care of my dry patches, that I have been working on it for a very long time now. The Pink Peony Over night water pack masque is on my repurchase list. The Rescue Bale does such an amazing job as 10 minutes masque, but I suspect the texture won’t be everyone’s cup of tea. Lots of love for the Mattified lipstick, I will be browsing some more shades once I head over to Sephora, but it performed really well by lasting for a pretty good amount of time with no smudge. You can find all these in store Sephora or online at .