Dior have launched a new innovated lipstick line to their Dior Addict lipstick range DIOR ADDICT LACQUER STICK (C$43.00 each for ) designed by Dior’s Makeup’s creative director Peter Philips. This collection comes in 18 beautiful shades. These are the first lacquer lipsticks with a balm like texture that melts into the lips immediately. It glides on smoothly and offers a high shine lacquer finish. It’s a perfect every day lipstick where you don’t need a special occasion to wear. The collection ranges from highly experimental colours to most timeless shades with beautiful vibrant color.

If you have followed Dior’s launches for a while you would know that the Dior Addict line have been reformulated over the years. I have to admit that these are the most hydrating, pigmented and incredibly smooth lipsticks that I have tried so far. They are formulated and with hydra-gel-infused core with a super-shine topcoat effect.

Peter Philips, Creative and Image Director for Dior Makeup have split the collection in 4 colour trends categories for the season: Pastels, Neon, Classic and Wild. I have had received 3 symbolic it-shades from each categories that represents the colour trend. A quick look at 4 colour trend:

  • PASTEL Whites – infused with pink, lavender, coral and peach pigments inspired by the Californian postcard from the fifties. The symbolic colour for this category is Tease which is a pinkish beige color and was inspired by one of Christian Dior’s dress called “seduction”. It’s a very cute and lovely shade to wear.
  • NEON – is colour pop spectrum that comes from the lights and heart of the City of Los Angels. “Diabolo” is the trendy colour for this particular Neon section which is a shocking pink, a very daring shade to wear. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get my hands on this shade but I’m definitely going to browse in and take a look at this colour.
  • CLASSIC – Red Carpet reds and pinks that’s inspired by the Hollywood glamour. Turn Me Dior is the colour which is a very beautiful and classic red shade and Jennifer Lawrence is wearing this colour in the campaign.
  •  WILD – Neo-nudes and dark chocolate browns that flirt. The iconic colour for this section is Sauvage which is a dark chocolate-brown. I also received Underground from the WILD section as well which I found is a perfect every day nude and definitely one of my favorite colours from the collection.

These are easy-to-wear stick with 6 hours wear. All of these have a flawless coverage that glides on beautifully and the shine will enhance over the time. They’re very light weight and moist while on the lips, and doesn’t slid off. I found they do fade after 3-4 hours of wear but still I was very impressed with the staying power. You do need nice and smooth lips for these lipsticks, they do emphasize the dry lips easily. Although I have been taking care of my dry lips on daily basis but I would recommend to give lips a nice scrub before wear. I have been using the Dior Addict Lip Sugar Scrub just before wearing these lipsticks and it have been working great for me. It’s definitely a good idea to wear them with a matching lip liner.
The packaging looks similar to old Dior Addict Lipstick line except the cover have been redesigned with dark navy base colour and topped with pink glass. Which it adds a very edgy look to the lipsticks.

I have been loving the new formula, it’s just perfect for my dry lips. I have been testing quite a few lipstick formulas recently but these are definitely the ones that goes inside my on the go makeup bag for many reasons: color, lasting power and formula. I haven’t had tested the pervious formulas from the Dior Addict line so I can’t really compare the old vs new. The collection carries a great range of colours that tempts every one. DIOR ADDICT LACQUER STICKS are available March 2017 at all Dior counters and Sephora.