Fenty Beauty | Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation, Instant Retouch Concealer & Setting Powder + Full-Bodied Foundation Brush, Powder Puff Setting Brush & Precision Makeup Sponge

By popular request I have the review for the Fenty Beauty’s bases. Rihanna is one of the beautiful ladies with the most beautiful makeup looks that inspires lots of people including me. Last year  Rihanna launched a whole makeup line and recently she introduced two new beauty products to her line Pro Filter Instant Retouch Concealer and Pro Filter Instant Retouch Setting Powder. And I couldn’t wait any longer to get my hands on this amazing brand, I have had quite some requests to review these products. Today’s review consists of:

  • Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation
  • Pro Filter Instant Retouch Concealer
  • Pro Filter Instant Retouch Setting Powder
  • Full-Bodied Foundation Brush
  • Powder Puff Setting Brush
  • Precision Makeup Sponge

Up first is the Pro Filter Soft Matte Longwear Foundation (C$42 for 1.08 oz. 32 mL) is a medium to full coverage soft matte finish foundation. The foundation is lightweight with buildable properties and comes in 50 shades which is incredible. Its designed for all skin textures Normal, oily, Dry and Combination. I wanted to try this foundation for a very long time but after reading some reviews on describing this foundation to be dry and for the fact that it was matte finish I stayed back for a while, but I’m glad I finally got my hands on this because it was a hit for me. On me it has a blurring effect that carries a good coverage while it looks like your skin. It smooth out any pores and gives that shine free finish. Its matte but not flat, I love wearing a matte finish foundation on the days that I can’t retouch my makeup or concealer. I don’t like using setting powders and matt finish foundations seem to set on my skin better without powder.

Lasting power is really good, I have been wearing it for the last week and attended a birthday party which every one complemented my skin. It layers beautifully especially using a beauty blender, it smooth out the skin, covers every imperfections and all my sunspots. I have been wearing it on shade 180 designed for light skin with warm undertone which is a good match to my skin tone. I also love wearing matte finish foundations during hot humid summer days and I think this would work great on mild weather.
it comes in a nice foggy thick glass with curved edges which helps to not roll over the counter. I have been wearing it different ways to find how it works best for dry skin. Having a good and well hydrated skin is the key for looking flawless for this foundation, it is on dryer side especially for those with dry skin (keeping in mind since the formula is matte). Any good hydrating serum or foundation primer would work great as long as you give it a good time to get into the skin before foundation application. I have been loving to wear it on my skin with my finger tips and beauty blender. Using finger tips really warms up the foundation so it blends better on skin. And the Precision Makeup Sponge 100 is an amazing tool to apply the foundation where you can easily go under the eye area, and the flat edge works best to stable the foundation to your complexion and the rounded end really smooth the foundation and gives that nice air brush finish.

Up next is the Pro Filter Instant Retouch Concealer (C$32 for 1.27 oz. 8 mL) is a full coverage, crease proof and long wear concealer. The texture is super light with buildable texture. Its one of the best full coverage concealer I have ever tried with best finish it provides for dry skin. The formula is quite opaque and intense, using a beauty blender really works great to set the concealer in place and it dry very quickly. The good thing about this formula is that it has a smooth full coverage and stays put and doesn’t crease. I love the flat tip applicator which quite nice for application purposes.

Quick look at the swatches:

It’s one of the best full-coverage concealers I’ve tried for spot coverage. The formula is sweat-resistant which is a great to use when partying or it could be a perfect summer to go concealer. Again the color range is amazing and to make it easy you can just grab the same shade number as your foundation to match your concealer. I’m 180 in Pro Filter Soft Matte Foundation so I knew the 180 in concealer is a perfect one for my skin. You can definitely go lighter and darker to your taste but I find they have managed the shade range pretty well.

Next is the Pro Filter Instant Retouch Setting Powder (C$40 for 0.98 oz./ 28 g) is a superfine and lightweight powder that comes in eight versatile shades to set and extend the makeup wear. The texture is soft and silky with a translucent finish. It’s a perfect powder to set your foundation and reduce any shine. It carries a blurring effect on pores and fine lines without any flash backs. I find the powder is among the best setting powders, its weightless and doesn’t feel dry. This is another hit setting powder that worked great on my skin but I still noticed dryness under the eye area, so I don’t think it would work for you if you have super dry skin especially under the eye area. It sets great on my T-Zone and I find the formula is amazing, I can work it out on my under eye area with less product and using a beauty blender.

The key to a smooth and even looking is using the right tools. I was super impressed with the tool range from Fenty Beauty, they’re highly looking luxurious + great quality materials. These looks sleek and extremely well made with a softer feel into it. The collection carries a great range of brushes that are quite practical with it comes to tools.

  • Full Bodied Foundation Brush 110 (C$42) is a medium-density liquid foundation brush that is designed for distribute the foundation evenly with a seamless finish. This works extremely well for streak-free foundation coverage. It carries a paw shape designed which gives it a perfect density and with more than 140000 ultra fine synthetic bristles for a super soft touch that deposits foundation to the complexion evenly.

  • Powder Puff Setting Brush (C$42) is a mega plush loose powder brush designed to sett your foundation and blend it seamlessly. It is an extremely soft tapered face brush perfect for detail powder application. It also works great for an all over face powder brush, I would say big enough for me. I also find its great or bronzer and soft face contouring. Its again made with soft synthetic bristles that are carefully tapered to pick up a perfect amount of powder and deposit on complexion.

  • Precision Makeup Sponge (C$20) is a three-sided makeup sponge without latex. You may all know I’m obsessed with Makeup Sponges and one of the most important tool for me with it comes to makeup application. And this makeup sponge is takes the blending to the next level with triple threat.
    Slanted edge for controlled stippling, mini moon side for targeted coverage which is great for under eye area or contouring side nose, and the rounded end for all over buffing and blending.
    I use sponge mostly for all bases (liquid, cream and powder), and this is definite one of the best quality.

Overall thought: foundation and concealer is a very personal choice depending on the finish and coverage of the product and some hits and misses. I really like the look, feel and finish of the Pro Filtered Soft Matte foundation and Instant Concealer. The foundation and concealer is definitely worth looking into it, the formula is feather light and feels like skin. The powder is also quite amazing, I’m really impressed with the formula. And a huge thumps up for the tools, they’re not only very luxurious looking, they perform amazingly. I have been loving the products so much that I’ll be browsing on some more items from the brand. You can find the Fenty Beauty makeup line available in store and online at Sephora.

Many thanks to the Fenty Beauty team for sending this incredible beauty products to my attention.