Decorte | Moisture Liposome Serum

When it comes to skin care, Japanese skin care comes first in my mind. I have had tried some makeup and skin care products from the Decorte beauty during summer time (reviewed here) which I tested the Liposome Moisturizer. I was incredibly impressed within two weeks of use, at the time I knew I wanted to discover more from the brand and Liposome line was something I wanted to start with at first. I requested some key skin care items from the brand which was very kind of them to send over some press samples toward testing purposes. Moisture Liposome Serum is one of those requested products that I really wanted to give it a try. The Liposome line consists of Serum, Moisturizer and an eye cream to really complete a full skin care ritual.

Moisture Liposome Serum (C$153 for 2.0 oz. made in Japan) is a lightweight super moisturizing serum that hydrates skin immediately while it retains skin’s moisture all day long. Skin looks and feels plumped and well hydrated with a nice fresh radiance that we all dream of. This is one of the best selling products from the brand and world’s first multi-layered Liposome treatment lotion. I have been using it for the past two weeks along with the Liposome Moisturizer (I really wanted to see how the line works together + I love to stay within the line when it comes to skincare). I have been amazed on how it works toward hydration on complexion making it look fresh and radiant. You can really use it alone as a lightweight moisturizer or use is as a base for your moisturizer for more hydration. The texture super soft and carries a gel like feeling into it. I have truly loving the combination of both for my morning skincare routine, the steps are nice and easy. 

I have already reviewed the Liposome Moisturizer (C$125 for 1.7 oz. made in Japan) a while back, I still love the lightweight gel like texture. Its perfect for all skin types and textures. It gets into the skin immediately and works like a protected film over the skin where it retain the skin’s hydration for longer period of the time. It doesn’t feel heavy or greasy on skin while it really gives skin a refreshed look.

Decorte is one of the skin care brand that brings the best skin care items with minimal effort to get that true effect. I personally use more heavier texture moisturizers and oil based serums during the winter time and just in time for spring I slowly use light weight skin care items to prepare my skin for much lighter skincare routine for summer time. Its very important to recognize the skin care products and how to use them on the right time. I find the Liposome line works great for hydration and to add a nice radiance to your overall complexion. I feel its desinged for all skin combinations and works great all year long. For me its a perfect winter-spring transition skin care products to introduce to your skincare routine.

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