IMG_1026This February Clinique have launched Pep-Start Eye Cream ($31, Sephora Exclusive). This is a lightweight eye cream which brightens, awakens, and refreshes tried looking eyes that features a blend of peptides. Pep-Start provides an instant hydration to the skin under eye area and the oil-free formula doesn’t interfere with eye make-up or concealer which what we all look for especially for under the eyes. The peptides also helps support natural collagen reserves which can be threatened by fatigue, lack of sleep or stress that we all face during our busy lifestyle. The texture is very soft and smooth and meanwhile very light, so it doesn’t feel greasy or heavy at all. It sinks into the skin immediately, leaving the under eye skin looking fresh and hydrated.

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The result is almost instant, I did notice a little bit of brightening effect but I will need to test it more to see if it really does brighten the skin over the long-term. But just with a week of use I can see the texture has improved and it does lift and firm the eye area and adds the perfect amount of moisture. I give it a thumbs up to this Pep-Start Eye Cream. The package is designed very uniquely, as described Snap. Pop. Swipe. The cool touch from the tip of the tube helps de-puff the under eye area and leaving the skin looking fresh and smooth. Very easy to carry on while on the go. This is ideal for all skin types.


Just snap to open the Pep-Start Eye Cream dispense a pea-size amount of cream to the tip of applicator, and pop the applicator to the close position and swipe the product around the eye area. I would suggest to use your finger tip using tapping motion to really get the product into the skin.

This Pep-Start Eye Cream is available exclusively at Sephora stores and online at Sephora and Clinique