Bioderma have added few new additions to the Atoderm collection recently which contains a range of products for very dry and sensitive skin. This Atoderm line is especially designed to protect and hydrate skin during winter time. I want to thank Bioderma for sending me these wonderful products to try. It has been three weeks that I have been using them all regularly and have been very pleased with the result. they’re well priced and available at your nearest drugstore. The Atoderm line carries more products and I highly recommend to browse Bioderma’s counter into your next visit to your nearest drug-store and find what meets your needs.

Items from Atoderm Collection:


Atoderm PP Balm ($20.95 for 500 ml) is an ultra nourishing anti-itching balm which provides long-lasting comfort to very dry and sensitive skin. The texture is creamy and sinks into the skin immediately, doesn’t have a heavy or sticky feeling at all but preserves the skin’s biological balance and prevents recurrence. I have been using it for three weeks now and I was amazed on how well it keeps the skin hydrated and repairs the skin barrier. Since I was very impressed by Atoderm PP Balm so much that I start using it on my 4 year daughter as well since she always has a very dry skin, and this has been working on her skin wonderfully. This Atoderm PP Balm soothes irritation and itching from dryness. 


Atoderm Lips ($6.95 each) is a daily moisturising lip balm which soothes and hydrated dry and damage lips. This Atoderm Lips repairs and protects damaged lips leaving lips soft and supple. The texture is thick but soft so stays on and protects lips from dryness for a longer period of time. It has a natural raspberry flavour with no color. My lips usually are very dry and during winter time the skin comes out in patches, and gives an unpleasant feeling especially while applying lipstick. I have tried to apply Atoderm before I start doing my make-up, by the time I am done my lips feels soft and smooth and ready to apply lipstick. This Atoderm Lips comes in Duo package ($9.95) for a limited time. 

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Atoderm Shower Gel ($19 for 1 L) is a daily gentle soap free cleansing shower gel which is designed for dry and sensitive skin. It’s thick and concentrated so a little goes a very long way. It gently cleanse, soothes and protects the skin from dryness. I like that is lather up to a gentle lather, since it’s on thicker side it doesn’t foam up like some others ones, it does rinse off completely but leaves the body feeling hydrated. There is a thumbs down to this product for its scent, it has a powdery scent which I dislike for my Shower Gels, I prefer citric scents for it.  Since I am really picky with what I feature on this blog and I am particular about what I purchase. It’s possible that some of you might be ok with it, but I am really sad that this one is a complete fail to me.