CAUDALIE | Premier CRU The Elixir



Today I am putting this amazing serum on review Premier CRU The Elixir from Caudalie cosmetics. Premier CRU The Elixir lifts, smooths, nourishes and brightens the skin with a proven blend of Caudalie’s three signature patent, reseratrol, viniferine, and polyphenols. Plus it contains five exceptional plant oils. This is half oil and half serum, it prepares and complements The Premier CRU The Cream for a proven antiaging action which I will be putting on review soon. If you are having dry skin this will be totally would work since it’s filled with oils and will give your skin enough moisture to carry it through out the day. After using this serum you can feel the smoothness of skin immediately and be side it leaves skin luminous and radiant.


I am in love with this product since it doesn’t feel greasy or oily to the skin. It does have scent of rose and oak which feels luxurious. Even the packaging is so luxurious, it comes with a dropper since it’s mostly oils, you can really use it to drop off the product to specific area of the face or just drop couple of drops to your finger tips, warm it and try to use the pressing motion into the skin so it can really get to skin. You can see the difference it makes to the skin within one use.