ClARINS | Double Serum


Have been putting this Double Serum from Clarins on test for the last two weeks now and I must say it’s amazing. You can literally see the difference in your skin within the two weeks, firmer skin, reduced wrinkles, more even tone skin and they also claim to reduce visible pores, since I have no pores (don’t know if it really works on pores) no idea. It features two age defying formulas into one serum for youthful looking skin. It contains 20 pure plant extracts and potent.


Clarins is one of the companies who carried Aragan oils in their products when no one even knew about the benefits of the Aragan oil. Clarins Double Serum is for all skin types. This Double Serum from Clarins retails at C$87.00 and lasts about four to five months. Just pump couple of product to your finger tips, warm it and apply it to the skin. You can add this Double Serum to your morning routine. Always make sure to apply the serum or any kind of oils by pressing motion into the clean face and neck area.


Clarins Double Serum comes in a package for same value, where you can get to try two more of their Multi Active day and night mousiturzers which is worth to try. I am totally amazed with Clarins products.