CAUDALIE | Moisturizing Toner


Moisturizing Toner (C$30.00 for 6.7 oz) from Caudalie is one of the most amazing toner I have used by far. I am totally obsessed with this product. It’s always important to tone your skin after cleansing. Besides we always want to get more out of our skin care products which a toner can make a huge difference. This toner gives a boost to your skin care regime. The formula cleans the skin from impurities, removes all traces of makeup, as we tone the skin and meanwhile it provides deep hydration to the skin. It does cleanse pores and leaves skin smooth. You can really see the difference in just few days.


I do have a sensitive skin around the cheekbones area and I totally love this, if you do have a sensitive skin makes sure you use a soft cotton pad and go over your skin very gently. I did notice skin peeling while I use this product, so I stopped to use it on daily basis, I use it every other day to avoid any breakouts. If you are a person who would breakout easily you have to make sure you really clean the skin and avoid using it on daily basis, but it doesn’t do any harm.