Clarins | UV Plus HP Day Sunscreen protection

On today’s review I am putting UV plus HP Day Sunscreen High Protection Tint with SPF 40 from Clarins. Always make sure you protect your skin from hash rays while diminishing imperfections with this multitasking day sunscreen for gorgeous, healthy skin. It is very light weight cream that blocks sun with 100 % mineral filters and leaves skin soft without a greasy residue plus it provides a sheer coverage and evens out the skin tone for a flawless and beautiful skin. I like how it is formulated without Synthetic DYS, Petrochemichals , Phthealates and GMOs.

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This is one of the sunscreens which don’t carry any harsh chemicals and it carries SPF 40 which is all you need to protect the skin. We all know that we have to reapply the sunscreen in order to cover our skin from sun rays through out the day, with this product you can reapply it even if you are wearing makeup so there is no excuse for not reapplying, I am totally in love with this for this reason and it doesn’t disturb the foundation at all. This sunscreen retails at C$42.00 and it’s very easy to carry it into any bag.