ESTÉE LAUDER | Night Repair Serum


Okay today’s review is about this amazing Night Repair Serum from Estee Lauder. I am obsessed with their products and especially the Night Repair Serum. This serum is out for a long time now and there are many reviews about this product but what’s really special about this is that reviews never ends. I feel there is no blogger that haven’t mention this to their blogs. It is the number one Repair Serum that fights the signs of visible aging, reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. It is meant to use at night time to reveal a smoother, more radiant and beautiful skin every day. It is proven to repair the aging signs dramatically. This Night Repair Serum from Estee Lauder is a great serum for every ethnicity.


The Night Repair Serum leaves skin felling smoother, hydrated, stronger, and looking younger. They also claim for more even toned in just four weeks. This is one of the products that you can actually see the results within few days. It comes in three different sizes 1oz, 1.7oz and 3.4oz and retails for C$72.00, $105.00 and $186.00 respectively. You have to make sure your skin is clean before applying and you will only need couple of drops, warm it into your fingers and apply it through your face and throat. I have been using it during the day too, I just mix a drop of this Night Repair Serum to my foundation and believe me ladies it leaves my skin gorgeous.


Tip: Simply add a drop of Advanced Repair Serum to your foundation, it will give your skin an smooth finish.