Beautycounter | Counter+ Lotus Cleansing Balm, Counter+ Brightening Facial Oil & Dew Tinted Moisturizer

Wearing and using clean beauty products makes me feel beautiful and happy at the same time, I was thrilled to get my hands to the Beautycounter’s new Counter+ skin care line plus the new Dew tinted Moisturizer. I’ve tried and loved a few items from the brand before including their Rejuvenating line especially the Hydrating facial oil which I believe they have resurfaced the oil with a new packaging. I also loved their Lip glosses , they feels super cushiony on the lips with a super smooth finish. But was really excited to find more about some new products they introduced recently in their lineup. As many of you know I love to try a wide range of skincare product to help with different issues as I age. Beautycounter philosophy is something that has really impressed me through out the time I have tested their products. The brand continuously pushes the boundaries as a movement to set a higher standard of beauty as the C.E.O describes – as a brand they care about what goes inside the beauty products. Their “clean” philosophy means their products are safer and made with gentle and with non-toxic ingredients. You can read about their mission here. Today I have three products I want to talk, and after testing these for several times I have my full thoughts here.

Up first I got to try out the new Counter+ line which I believe they have recently introduced. This line carries some great range of products from cleansers, serums, moisturizers to facial oils and mists. I received two products from the line Lotus Cleansing Balm ($92.00 for 2.5 oz./75 mL) and Brightening Facial Oil ($85.00 for 0.67 oz./20 mL).

Counter+ Lotus Cleansing Balm is a gentle cleansing balm that removes makeup and impurities. It keep skin nourished and is listed with ingredients that won’t strip the skin. Its make with a blend of lotus extract, jojoba seed oil and avocado seed oil which improve hydration and soothes the skin. Its a solid balm that melts into the skin once you massage it. It feels like a creamy oil once you start working into the skin and you can either rinse it with warm water or a soft dam cloth. I always love cleansing balms for the fact that there is no drip from your hands as well as it solves the issue of oils running into the eyes accidently. With this one its probably harder to remove waterproof eye makeup so you may want to do two rounds to remove longer wear makeup.
You can also use this as an over night mask for an extra hydrating overnight facial. You can really feel the balm go into the skin and wake up with much more radiant and glowing skin in the morning.

The Counter+ Brightening Facial Oil is probably one of my most favorite skincare discovery from the brand. I love facial oils and they’re the only ones that gets my skin through out the harsh dry winter months. I have a super dry skin and finding one that is hydrating enough but not heavy yet without a strong scent has always been a challenge but I have luckily found several that I love and works for me. This one is one of them, I’ve tried their Hydrating Facial oil before and it was one of my favourite one.

This one adds radiant and works as a booster for skin’s hydration level. Its lightweight and with a silky texture. Its also infused with Omega-rich marula oil that provides intense hydration and soften skin. as well as vitamin C which helps brighten and even out the skin. I have been so impressed with this oil that I feel like I need to try more from this line. I also love to use on nail cuticle, it keeps them soft and clean.

Up next is the Dew Skin Tinted Moisturizer ($56.00 for 1.35 oz./40 mL) is a sheer coverage moisturizer with SPF protection and comes in six versatile shades. For those who are not familiar with this product, this is a moisturizer that is packed with skin care benefits and just a bit of color to even out the skin. It has SPF 20 which I think is enough to take you during the winter days. This has a super natural looking finish with some hydration without being greasy. This blends easily with the fingers or a sponge and coverage is smooth, and very easy to reapply through out the day. For me its a perfect product for the day I workout or run my errands with three kids without worrying about my foundation. I haven’t had it long enough to notice the skin care benefits, but love how it feels when you wear products with clean ingredients list.
I have been testing it for around more than a week now. I have noticed there is a radiant quality and noticeable hydration properties in this product. I have loved it for the days that I run my errands during the morning and I over top it with my makeup look for the evening. And not only that it gets my through the day, it have held my foundation amazingly. The coverage is super sheer so you may want to use a corrector or concealer to sport treat your skin if you need to. It does have a slightly light scent that did not bother me, if you have ever used a organic or clean sunscreen before, it slightly resembles the same scent.

Overall I love these products, I have yet to try more from the brand but I have been really impressed with what I have tried so far. Skin care products are gentle but effective. I absolutely love that they care about their ingredients in their products. There are quite some amazing and beautiful gift sets and valued boxes available for Holiday season which you can stock on for your self of treat your family and friends during the seasons. You can find all these product now available at Have you tied any of these products yet? if yes, what’s your favorite product?

Press samples provides and courtesy of Beautycounter.