Armani Beauty | Ecstasy Mirror Shine Lacquer

Armani Beauty just launch a new liquid lipstick formula called Ecstasy Mirror Shine Lacquer (C$49.00 each) . These are high shine lip lacquer with high impact color while it delivers hydration. There are nine colors in total all in beautiful shades from perfect nudes to bright reds and pinks. Its formulated with vibrant pigments that leave a long wear stain on lips that adds to its lasting power. It has a nice and soft creamy texture with glossy finish and wears comfortable all day long. I think its a perfect blend of balm, tint and gloss with high pigments lipstick all together in liquid form. It feels like a balm, leaves a nice tint that lasts all day long, its shinny like a gloss and full coverage like your lipstick, and if you’re some one that fits in this category then its a hit for you.

I find with most of the glossy liquid lipsticks that they smear easily, I always tend to line my lips before wearing them, as well as concealer is another way to stop them from smearing. Yet the Armani’s Ecstasy Mirror Shine Lacquer doesn’t smear and once it sets its – budge proof.

I got to try them in four beautiful shades ranging from nice nudes to hot reds. I find they slightly deepens once applied for the fact that it leave a tint on lips so the color appears deeper after few minutes.

  • Beyond # 101 – is a nice and beautiful peachy beige and as a nude lipstick lover I can wear it easily at day and nigh.
  • Culmination # 502 – is a nice rose pink it wears comfortably anywhere.
  • Four Hundred #400 – is a hot red with warm blue under tone, its a perfect shade for the events I like to wear some color.
  • Ecstasy #402 – is a red with cool under tone that I feel girls with cool under tone can wear it easily and it looks stunning.
The colors deepens after few minutes of wear

It offers a nice full coverage finish within one wipe. The applicator looks like Armani’s original liquid lipstick applicators. It has a well in the center to gather liquid product and the sponge applicator evenly distributes all over the lips. The applicator combines a pointed tip for a precision application and the heart shape design that glides on lips for even distribution that makes it easy to apply anywhere. The packaging is very sleek looking and lightweight.

I actually wore all shades during this week for testing purposes and I found all shades are beautiful and with an amazing lasting power. I wore the shade #502 while shopping with mask, although it did transfer to my mask yet after taking off my mask after 4 hours, I was left out with nice tinted and creamy balmy feel on my lips which I was really impressed.
What I found really cool that you can get the nicest stain lips that looks natural with deep reds by wearing it for few minutes and place a thick napkin in between lips and press them so you get ride of extra pigment and shine and it will literally gives natural cherry red lips that lasts all day and you can always top it with your gloss for extra shine.

All colors are beautiful! the formula and packaging are just on point. This was my first time testing Armani’s liquid lipsticks and I find them the best on its comfortable wear and performance. There is a great range of colors to chose and I think there is enough shades for every one to choose from. For me both #101 and # 400 are favorite at the moment. The Ecstasy Mirror Shine Lacquer is available now online and in store at

Press samples provided and courtesy of Armani Beauty.