Currently in My Shower | Hair & Body Care Routine..

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Many of you wanted to know what I currently use in my shower especially many questions on my hair and body care routine. I do change my hair and body care twice a year for spring/summer and fall/winter. This post will take care of what I am currently using as my spring/summer routine.

Hair Care

Haircare Treatments & Oils ..

I have a super dry hair so oils and hair treatments are always an essential for my routine even on hottest summer days. Masks are my favorite way to add in hydration on my hair. I try to use it at least once a week (I wash my hair twice a week), especially the days I know I’ll enhance my natural hair without using hot tools. It allows my hair to repair and demolish any damages I make when styling. Here are a list of Hair treatments I am loving at the moment.
I do not use conditioner almost all the times, instead I use Masks to add hydration and softens my hair.

Oribe Moisture & Control Deep Treatment Hair Masque has been a favorite of mine this year, especially when I want more definition on my wavy/curly hair. A little goes a long way with this product. I tend to work on my ends than roots that way it doesn’t way down my hair.

SerirExpert Nourishing Hair Mask Blondifier L’Oreal Expert Professionnel is an other mask that I use to maintain my hair color from turning into brassiness, yet at the same time it nourishes and adds shine to the hair.

Kerastase Nutritive 8H Magic Night Serum is an amazing repair serum that works like wonders. Although its meant to be used at night time as a leave in treatment but some times when I see any kind of dryness on my hair ends I just add some as a finishing touch and it really works well. I think every one should own this.

Joico Defy Damage Protective Masque is some thing that I have been loving when I see more damage on my hair. I do use this once a month all year long to keep my hair looking healthy.

Marc Anthony Instant Miracle Mask Detoxifying Clay Hair Mask is one for those with oily sculpt. This one is amazing when you need that extra hair left you need. I do use it when I go out and style my hair for events.

Oils have always been part of my hair care routine for more than 17 years now and I find them treat hair and protect hair at the same time especially when using hot tools. I try to add oils first thing on my toweled dry hair and then I go with layering it my hair care styling products. Here are a list of my favorite ones:

  1. Oribe Gold Lust Nourishing Hair Oil I got to try this year and I find it absolutely amazing. Its lightweight yet I find it a bit richer texture. I love to use it starting from ends and I find this one really protects the hair.
  2. Moroccanoil Treatment this is one of the hair oil treatments I initially started about 17 years ago and its still my favorite and can’t replace it with any other oil treatment especially during the winter time.
  3. Kerastase Discipline Oleo Relax Anti-Frizz Oil Serum I was introduced to this earlier this year and have been reaching out every time since then. Its lightweight that doesn’t weight hair down + adds shine and perfect for summer time.
  4. Cake Beauty The Gloss Boss is an amazing lightweight hair oil that I use as a finishing spray to add subtle shine with out making my hair looking oily.
  5. Torreh Magic Drop is yet another non-greasy hair oils that I just got to try. Its a super clean formula with natural ingredient list that I absolutely love. I also got some treatment from them yet I haven’t got to try it. I will definitely report once on its results very soon.

Kerastase Soleil Nourishing After Sun Spray is some thing I am testing for the past two weeks and its been a good repairing solution. Its formula carries nourishing hair oil that protect the hair, adds shine and makes hair feel soft. I love how I can use this very easily and while on the go to get my natural hair protection and healthy finish.


Oligo Professionnel: Blacklight Blue Shampoo is another item that I use once a week or every other week to maintain my hair colors. Probably once of my favorite blue shampoos that I gives my hair that perfect balance.
I have been loving the Gold Lust Repair & Restore Shampoo from Oribe. I feel it squeaky clean my hair while doesn’t weight down my hair and I feel my hair moves so nicely.
I also love the Tresemme Flawless Curls when I want to wear my curls. This have been a long loved shampoo for my wavy hair. You really see the difference after using it for couple of times. It definitely adds definition to my curls.
Time to time I use the Dercos Anti-Dandruff Shampoo from Vichy when I feel my hair needs it. and that’s when I see some dandruff. I also loved the Joico Hydra Splash collection. The Shampoo is a good transition shampoo for this spring. It keeps the hair super hydrating while doesn’t weigh down the hair.

Styling Hair Products

Kerastase Genesis Fortifying Blow-dry Fluid is some thing I have been loving for the past month. Its light and doesn’t feel like anything on hair yet really works on optimal hydration. I use this when I use my hot tools, just right before I use my hot tools and literally make my hair look smooth and healthy.

Joico’s Zero Heat Air Dry Styling Creme have made my life so easy while taking care of my frizzy hair during this time of year. I haven’t been using styling tools or styling my hair for this past couple of months (well at least not as much as I used to) and this product really minimizes the frizz look + it doesn’t feel crunch or stiff at all. Definitely adds a nice shine and defines curls smoothly.

Body Care

Body Washes and Oils

I do take shower every day after my workouts but I don’t wash my hair every. For that fact I like using body shower gels and oils that takes away the impurities while leaves my skin soft and smooth. Here are some I love the most:

  • Dr. Hauschka Rose Nurturing Body Wash been one of my favorite one for this season. Its a clean formula that I can use in peace of mind for my every day use and its quite nourishing, It lathers up like a foam yet I love how it doesn’t dry out my skin.
  • Nuxe Prodigieux Shower Oil have been another favorite which I just run out of it. Its a clean formula again with a super nice scent that is absolutely pleasant. The texture feel more like a gel and doesn’t dry out skin at all.
  • Loccitane Body Oil I have used is amazing. I love to use this during the winter time yet time to time I have been reaching out this almost once a week.
  • BVspa by Bon Vital Salt Scrub is some thing I use time to time to get rid of my dry and flaky skin. Its not too harsh and not too gentle, it carries a good texture that exfoliates and nourishes the skin at the same time. I probably us this once a month.
  • Kiehl’s Creme de Corps is one of the amazing body creams that I have used so far yet I still love it during this season. Its a rich formula but for my dry skin its a perfect one.
  • Jouviance Hydractiv Coconut Melting Balm is one of my all time favorite body moisturizer even on summer days. I use it all the time even on my kids. I find the formula is super clean and light that I can use it all the time.

I hope you find my spring/summer hair care round up helpful and find your way on how to take care of your hair and body during these seasons. I do have couple of items that I need to finish testing and share the results.