YSL | Rouge Volupte Rock’N Shine Lipstick

There are quite some new lip balm formulas this season and yet I have some of the new Rouge Volupte Rock’N Shine Lipsticks ($50.00) for review. YSL beauty just launched Rouge Volupte Rock’N Shine Lipstick in ten beautiful shades. I have been in love with their Volupte Plump-in-Color Lip Balms since last year (reviewed here) as well as their other lip formulas that have been a must-have for me.

These are vibrant colored balm lipsticks that come with some glitters in core with a star shape that adds a nice sparkling finish. The formula is quite nice and hydrating that adds a lush coat of moisture on the lips while it requires smooth lips for a flawless application. It gives a subtle shimmer look that is wearable at any time. The shimmers/glitters aren’t loose on lips while they’re quite fine so it doesn’t look chunky. It carries a soft fresh mango scent which I find delicious. Yet it comes in a silver casing that features a touch of glitter on the cap evoking the star on the lipstick.

Closer look at the Rouge Volupte Rock’N Shine Lipsticks:

  • Rock N’ Red – is a nice soft red with blue undertone
  • Orange Speaker – is a super bright and fresh orange shade
  • Pink Bass – is a perfect rosy pink shade

There are quite some beautiful shades in the collection from soft rosy nudes to bold oranges and nice deep reds. I received them in three different shades that I absolutely loved. They have noticeable coverage and you can get a nice decent color on your lips within two or three swipes. They layer quite nicely to get it from sheer to a medium coverage finish. Here is a quick comparison swatch of the Rouge Volupte Rock’N Shine Lipsticks to the Volupte Plump-in-Color Lip Balms.

Bottom line I loved the new finish and texture of these new Rouge Volupte Rock’N Shine Lipsticks on my lips. Lasting power is average while it leaves a nice soft tint on the lips that looks natural. I don’t mind reapplying this lipstick at all. I have always loved YSL beauty’s lipstick formulas and this one is a bit special for its finish. It’s easy to apply and for me as a nude lipstick lover, #10 is a favorite for sure at this time. I can wear it very easily and looks really nice with my skin tone. But I also loved the other shades for some date nights. If you’re someone who likes soft lipstick feel with a nice shimmery finish this one is really nice. You can now find this newness available at all Sephora, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

Press samples were provided and courtesy of YSL Beauty.