Vichy | LiftActiv Collagen Specialist

Vichy is introducing a new anti-aging moisturizer LiftActive Collagen Specialist (C$59.95). This is a highly concentrated moisturizer which offers two unique skin health boosting solutions for utmost efficacy. This moisturizer is loaded with the most powerful actives of natural origins especially which makes it very unique when it comes to anti-aging benefits. This Liftactive helps with loss of firmness and wrinkles over time.

The formula contains anti-aging peptides and Vitamin C along with Mineralizing thermal water. The texture is rich and very creamy, it gives skin that extra hydration it needs. I haven’t tried much from Vichy but I have been a true lover for the their Mineral 89 which is supper hydrating as well as I loved the Aqua Terminal (reviewed here) during the summer time. The LiftActiv Collagen Specialist mimics the tissular procedures’ mode of action which compensate the visible effects of collagen loss on complexion. The results are visible within couple of weeks while it nourishes the dry skin. It also works on skins texture, suppleness and uneven tone, it’s also formulated with hyaluronic acid which is a holy ingredient for a fresh and youthful looking skin.

You can now find the new LiftActiv Collagen Specialist in your nearest drug store and pharmacy as well as

Press sample provide & courtesy of Vichy.