Vichy | Aqualia Thermal

Vichy introduces new Aqualia Thermal skin care line this season. It’s probably my first time going over Vichy’s skin care products, I have heard a lot about the brand especially from my younger sister but some how I don’t recall on giving their products a try. I was supper excited to put this new addition to test. This Aqualia Thermal skin care line is perfect for all ages and types (even sensitive), especially for those who’s mean concern is hydration. I found with this line you don’t get any anti aging properties. You can always mix and match this range with your any favorite skin care range to target your needs. These products are free of Parabens, alcohol, silicone and oil.

Up first is the Aqualia Thermal Gel Cream (C$39.95 for 50 mL) is a lightweight moisturizer that keeps the skin well hydrated for up to 48 hours. It recharges dry and dehydrated skin with intense hydration while it feels non sticky or heavy on skin. This Aqualia Thermal comes in three different textures: Gel, light and rich to target all skin textures. These creams are formulated with 97% naturally derived ingredients that includes hyaluronic acid, fortifying Vichy mineralizing water and plant sugar mannose. The texture is watery with carries a gel like feeling, it gets into the skin immediately and feels comfortable. I have been loving it for the fact that it literally hydrates skin while its super light during this summer season.

Its meant to target normal to combination skin while I found it works great on dry skin during the summer time where you want to use some thing light. It comes in a nice and cute looking packaging where its easy to carry with you while you’re on the go but for the fact that the texture is watery you have to make sure to tight the container properly.

Up next is the Aqualia Thermal Serum (C$42.95 for 30 mL) is a lightweight serum that recharges dry and dehydrated skin. The texture of the serum is light and watery, gets into the skin immediately leaving your skin soft and smooth. I found both products works well when used together, they both are formulated with same ingredients where it intensifies the hydration and effectiveness of the products. The serum really gets skin plump and tonic after using it for couple of weeks. It instantly hydrates leaving it glowing and healthy looking.

Bottom line, I have been really impressed with the Aqualia Thermal skin care range for the fact that they’re formulated with 97% natural ingredients while it gives skin a full hydration. The range is simple yet effective only if you’re main goal is hydration. You can mix or add your favorite anti aging or any other products to target  your needs with these products, it’s a perfect product to carry with you while you’re on the go for extra boost of hydration for your skin. Both can be a great base for your foundation but I have been loving the Aqualia Thermal Serum as base for my foundation for it’s long lasting hydration formula. You can now find the Aqualia Thermal range at your nearest drug store and online at

Press samples were provided and courtesy of Vichy.