Urban Decay Cosmetics | Sparkle Out Loud Collection

Urban Decay Cosmetics introduced Sparkle Out Loud Collection this season. The collection is limited edition and carries some really amazing shades that are must have especially for those who love to play with glitters. Urban Decay is one of the brands that really wakes up the play full girl inside you. They always come up with some amazing bright and beautiful shades to play with as well as their glitters are to the next level. These new launches includes:

A newly launched product Heavy Metal Face & Body Glitter Gel (C$25) that are super concentrated and hyper reflective glitter gels that works great on eyes, face and body. It glides on beautifully and stays input for great amount of time. The formula dried down nicely and quickly, plus it applies easily. You can wear them alone or on top of your eyeshadows plus they layer pretty nicely with a buildable coverage. They come in 6 bright and beautiful shades to play with. I received them in three shades to discover:

  • Saturday Stardust – is a nice pink shade with a bit of burgundy and gold into it.
  •  Dreamland – is a soft peach shade with more finer texture.
  • Soul Love – this is a bright aqua blue shade.

I don’t play with glitters a lot but time to time I really like that extra finish on to my eye lids but I find these are purely designed to some serious glitter lovers out there. They work amazing to create some editorial looks. You can apply them on your eye lids but I find them to be on the wild side.

Next is the Heavy Metal Glitter Eyeliner (C$23.50) are water based glitter liners that offers a multidimension finish. It comes in a clear base with super fine glitters, the texture is light and buildable. The Sparkle Out Loud Collection introduces these in eight more beautiful shades to please every one. Although I find the line carries a great range of shades but these limited edition shades are a bit different than the regular ones.  I have played with the whole collection before reviewed here, and its probably one of my favorite ways to play with glitters. Three shades that I got my hands to play with is:

  • Volume – this is a duo-chrome glitter with pink & yellow shades. This is definitely a little different than the regular liners.
  • Studio – light purple micro-sparkle
  • Stage Dive – bright teal-green glitter

It comes with a thin-tip brush that gives more precision application and definitely more control over creating a wig. I personally love to wear it as a liner and apply it all over my lid for some extra shine. The lasting power is quite amazing and these shades are just beautiful. Volume is a shades that I can wear most of the times, it carries a duo chrome effect which is quite nice. The other two shades are as pretty as Volume, really can’t pick one shade.

Up next is the 24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil (C$25.50) are waterproof and long lasting eyeliner pencils that comes in 46 shades and this time the collection introduces them in four new shades with some shimmers. I have been a long time lover for the 24/7 liners, they stay input and don’t budge while its super easy to blend and layer. I have had played with some of other limited edition shades before and they always introduce these liners in great and beautiful shades. This time I got my hands to two shades:

  • Roxy is a beautiful metallic blue shade that really brings out the eyes and perfect for summer time.
  • Wildside is another beautiful and wearable metallic peachy pink shade.

The shimmers are really find but detectable. They make a really nice base as well as they look very pretty as a liners. I have been wearing the Roxy on my lids and Wildside on my waterline and under the eyes, it just looks amazing.

Last but not least is the Hi-Fi Shine Ultra Cushion Lip Gloss (C$24.00) which is a super shiny and long lasting lip glosses. These were launched last year with 20 shades to discover but this was my first time testing these. Yet this time Urban Decay Cosmetics introducing them in eight beautiful limited edition shades but some shades are only available in Urban Decay’s Flag shops. The formula is smooth and carries a cool plumping effect. It doesn’t feel sticky or waxy on the lips while adds so much shine to the lips. They’re also formulated with vitamin E and peppermint oil which keeps the lips hydrated while on the lips. I got to play with the shade Star Stunner which is a clear gloss with different duo chrome finish.

The applicator is flat with sponge tip and skinny. And the packing is supper sleek looking and applies the gloss nicely and evenly on the lips. The shimmers are smooth in texture with intense sparkles bit not glittery. I absolutely loved the formula, it adds that wet like finish to the lips and supper impressed with the formula.

Overall thumbs up the collection. There are quite some fun colors and glitters to wear and a huge range of shades and colors that are different from each other. I truly love that glitter look and I used to play and wear more often when I was in my 20s but once I hit 30 I found myself more on the softer looks. The Heavy Metal Glitter Gels a bit too intense and I think would be great for those who are in their teens and maybe early 20s, other than that I find them to be perfect for editorial purposes. Heavy Metal Liners are my favorite, I can still wear them during the day and night but I would prefer them wear while partying. I really loved the Hi-Fi Shine Gloss, Urban Decay did a great job in terms of formula and color range. They have a slightly minty scent but its not overpowering. You can now find all the new launches in store and online at Sephora and Urbandecaycosmetics.ca.

Press samples provided and courtesy of Urban Decay Cosmetics.