Urban Decay Cosmetics | Inside Goodie Bag

This is the continues post for the Urban Decay event, I had to split the post in two parts. If you missed the Urban Decay’s Flagship post just scroll over and you can find it just right over this post. At the event we were offered to pick up a Naked Palette which was tricked-out by our name (between Naked 2 or Naked 3), I personally owned the iconic Naked palette and I was very pleased with the color combination but I never got a chance to go over the new additions of Naked Palettes before. Although it was very hard to choose one from the two but I choose the Naked 3 palette since I liked how there were many neutral pink shade eyeshadows, where with Naked 2 there were many washed out shades. At the end of the event every one was offered with a goodie bag from the brand and it contained:

  • Tricked-out Naked 3 palette
  • 4 Moondust eyeshadows
  • 2 voice lipsticks in Walk Of Shame
  • Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush in Obsessedlight pink
  • UD PRO Large powder brush
  • Urban Lash
  • Naked Nail Color
  • and a t-shirt

Up first the Naked 3 palette ($66 for 12 eyeshadows) have a really good mix of neutral shades with different textures matte, shimmer and satin. I find most of the shades have a warm under tone, where you can create many different looks for day and night. As well I find this palette pretty versatile and a good on the go palette on your travel destinations.

Next the Moondust ($25 each) single eyeshadows in four beautiful colors –  Interstellar, Chem Trail, Vortex and Crux. These are sigle sparkly eye shadows with a very refined sparkles, it gives a 3D finish to the look. I loved how they do not fall out, especially if you’re using a setting spray on your brush before application. The lasting power is pretty amazing, and I must include they don’t move. You can wear them alone or apply them over your eyeshadows for more glamorous look. Even though I don’t play with glitters most of the times but I was very happy with the finish of these eyeshadows. You can really have the control over the sparkles.

Vice Lipsticks ($21 each) in two beautiful shades – Jawbreaker Mega in matte finish and Ex-girlfriend in sheer finish. The Voice lipsticks carries a very light and creamy texture while it feels super hydrating on the lips. The Voice Lipstick collection comes in 6 different textures and many beautiful colors. The lasting power is pretty amazing especially with the matte finish, and even after fading the color stains lips where you would never go out of color from lips. The matte finish carries a full coverage texture and you can get its true color with just one swipe. And the sheer lipsticks carries a very light shimmers where it give lips an ultra glow while wearing. The texture with the sheer lipsticks are translucent – yet you can get a medium coverage by swiping it couple of times back and forth.

Afterglow 8-Hour Powder Blush ($32 each) in X-Rated is a beautiful light pink blush in matte finish. The texture is very light yet blendable and buildable for more rosy cheeks. The lasting power is amazing and it really gives the color that comes from within, it really stays for 8-hours. I have been in love with the packaging, it’s supper sleek and light weight.

UD PRO Large Powder brush ($59 each) exclusively available at the Urban Decay’s flagship store. This is a large powder brush with a paintbrush-style which provides a stick free and smooth finish application. I loved how you can use it all over you face even for under your eyes. It’s perfect to dust over setting powder for a light coverage or pack it by tapping the powder for more full coverage finish.


Urban Lash ($20 for a pair) in tricked-out is exclusively available at Urban Decay store. Urban Decay carries a wild range of false lashes and in many different shapes and lengths. Flash lashes definitely takes your look to next level, and if you want that wow factor to your look – I would highly recommend to take a look at these fall lashes. They are supper light and you can use them at least more than 15 times (if you really take care of them). It does come with a lash adhesive in the same pack – loved how it carries a very nice and hard package where you can store them safely just after the use so they can stay nicely together for next use.  

Naked Nail Colour ($18 each) in Tease – these are high quality nail colours that comes in eight beautiful Naked shades. I was very pleased with the color selection, I personally wear nude shades most of the times and I found all of the nail colors carried a perfect Nude shade that would please an any one who loves to wear nude. Tease itself is a beautiful color and I think it makes a perfect Nude shade for the winter time.


 Nail Color Naked Urban Decay Tease

Over all I was very pleased with all the Urban Decay’s products, in terms of pigment, quality and performance. I have few more products that I want to share with you all, hopefully soon that I was pretty amazed while I tried out in the event. Most of the products are available exclusive at the Urban Decay Cosmetics store. I hope you all enjoyed the full details on the products that were in the Goodie bag from the event.
Do you have a favorite product from Urban Decay Cosmetics or a must have? I would love to know.