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I was sent out U Beauty products to discover from the brand just a little while ago – I always do hesitate to try new skincare brands so I do good research to find about the brand itself and the brand’s philosophy behind the brand. U beauty is founded by fashion influencer and skincare pioneer, Tina Chen. It is a sustainable luxury skincare brand and her motivation has been to minimize her environmental impact and to inspire other brands to distribute sustainable products with its effectiveness. The products are designed to minimize the skincare routine + cut down on skincare confusion without any compromises which I think she has done a remarkable job.

U beauty just launched a new addition to their line The Multimodal Defender SPF 30 which made me excited to share the entire collection here with you all today. I am happy to say that I got to try out the entire line of U Beauty and have been super impressed with its effectiveness and performance on my skin and confidently say that will work on all skin textures.

Resurfacing Compound

Starting with Resurfacing Compound ($197.29 for 1 oz.) which is a resurfacing serum that doesn’t irritate the skin and is formulated with patent-pending SIREN Capsule that attracts damage to it like a magnet. This allows lowering the levels of actives away from healthy cells that way the skin avoids redness and sensitivity while in use. This is meant to apply twice a day for two weeks to see the results and if redness or irritation occurs try to make it to once a day. This is an intensive treatment to renew the look of the skin. This product is designed to transfer the skin to smoother and brighter within 3-6 days of use.

I have been testing it for the past two weeks intensely on my daily skincare routine twice a week and it has transformed my skin. I am wearing fewer makeup products while using this treatment and at the same time I have been avoiding using any other acids or treatment for the time being. The formula is quite intense and I find you need squicky clean skin to use this product otherwise skin breaks out easily. Must wear sun protection at all times while using this product and avoid any other chemical treatments or peeling.

The texture is jelly-like and has a tightening effect once applied to the skin. You do see a remarkable transformation to your skin after a week of use. It definitely hooks you in once you see the results. I have been using it intensely on my daily skincare routine twice a week for the last two weeks and my skin looks much brighter and tighter and I have noticed the skin looks much more even than before. Although I have sensitive skin, I did not notice irritation.

The Super Hydrator

The Super Hydrator ($CAD 223.95 for 1.7 oz.) is what I’ve been loving the most. It’s a super lightweight moisturizer yet amazing serum that nourishes the skin with patent-pending SIREN Capsule Technology via two different types of capsules, the SIREN and HYDRA-SIREN Capsules that are uniquely activated only in the presence of free radicals, where skin needs visible repair. Skin looks hydrated immediately and it adds that glow you need for your skin. If you ever wanted your skin to get that glass finish glow then this is the one that gives it your skin. Its also infused with Stabilized Vitamins C + E, Peptides, Antioxidants and AHAs that work on hydration and evening out the skin tone together. It’s probably one of the moisturizers that have impressed me like nothing else to date.

I have been loving this serum – it really stands on what it promises. It does cut down many skincare steps for you since it really is a multitasking serum. It’s not heavy but the hydration it offers is insane. I have been using it with the Resurfacing Compound just because I like to use my skincare products in the line and they have both been working really nice on my skin. I have used The Super Hydrator by itself alone and it’s been one of my favourite serums that will be on the repurchase list at all times.

The Multimodal Defender

Last but not least U beauty just launched an addition to the line which is The Multimodal Defender SPF 30 ($223.95) is a daily protector that fights the photo-damage while it works on brightening and cooling the skin.

This is a perfect solution to an evening out the skin and it targets the hyper-pigmentation and discoloration of the skin. I get super excited when I find the product to even out my skin since I do have some discoloration + dark spots that I work on them always. It also has anti-ageing ingredients to help skin with fine lines and wrinkles. This works great as your sunscreen to protect the skin at all times. The texture is slightly greasy and thick – it feels like your regular sunscreen but once it applies it melts into the skin. I do find it feels greasy on the skin while applying but if you’re someone who doesn’t mind the feel for a couple of minutes it does meltdown and gets into the skin.

I have been loving it for the fact that it adds a nice thick layer on my skin during these harsh dry winter months + adds extra glow and is easy to use. It does come with a metal spatula that makes it easy to dig out the product from the pot.

I have also sent out the Sculpt Arm Compound which I haven’t tested to date. I will definitely give it a try and see if it really works on tightening the arms.

I have been using all three products together – Resurface Compound to even out the skin, The Hydrator to moisturize and The Multimodal Defender to protect the skin. And I find they all work together quite nicely.
In the end, I am absolutely impressed with the products. If you’re a luxury skincare lover I would highly recommend trying this range for its performance and effectiveness. Or if you’re looking to start something luxurious that you would like to see the results then it’s a brand and skincare product that shows results immediately. The Hydrator is a perfect way to start with the brand and I am sure once your try the moisturizer, you’ll find your way to the brand easily.

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Provided and courtesy of U Beauty.