Tips To Look Great in Few Minutes

Being a mother to 3 and a full-time blogger – I have a hectic lifestyle; I barely have a few minutes for my skincare and makeup when I get ready in the mornings. I’m always in a rush especially when I get out of the house carrying my favorite lip balm and hand cream. As an influencer and beauty blogger, everyone expects you to look your best when you present yourself on the platforms, and seeing a beauty blogger with overwhelming steps to get ready may not be realistic. With time I have come to fixate a series of steps to implement before/after getting dressed on daily basis.

  • You only got one minute to get ready – You’ll need to focus on the appearance of your skin. A bit of nice hydrating concealer or corrector will do the job to even out any discoloration. With a touch of lip balm for a nice hydrating lip. And if you have got a couple of seconds left a little bit of blush brings life to you.
  • You’ve got five minutes to pull a look – Five minutes, it sounds short but it’s good enough to pull a nice look together! Again, perfect your skin appearance with a concealer, a very lightweight foundation, or in this case cushion foundation or BB Cream, and a blush for your cheeks. Then, use your favorite bronzer you add a little warmth to your overall looks, like under your cheekbones, forehead, and eye crease. To better show off your eyes line your lash line with a brown liner. A bit of mascara, lip balm and you’re ready to go!
  • You’ve got 10-15 minutes to create a very sophisticated look – When you have 10-15 minutes to get ready, you consider yourself lucky! Then you make the best out of it! Now a nice light foundation, concealer, liquid highlighter, blusher, and bronzer for your face. Using your bronzer combines with a charcoal/brown eyeliner to contour your face and eyes; applying your highlighter on the eyelids, top of your cheekbones, and a bit to your top of the nose and forehead to highlight and a cream blush to top of the cheeks. To finish off your look a black mascara and a nice tinted brow pen or powder to give your face a nice frame. Finally taking the last minutes to outline your lips with a liner or your favorite lipstick.

This is probably one of the most realistic posts on this blog. Most of us have more than 5 things to do in the morning when we’re on the way out and making the time for us to look our best shouldn’t take too long where we get to ignore it. We want to look our best and just a couple of steps make a huge difference in the overall look. I remember going to college back 15 years ago with just wearing mascara seemed to be enough, but not anymore. I try to keep things realistic when it comes to social media, and showing off my bare skin doesn’t bother me at all – we all have imperfections and that’s what makes us unique. Hope you all enjoyed this quick get ready tips with me!