6 Tips on how to Achieve that Dream Glow

Today’s post is all about that Glow that comes from within. I get lots of messages saying they love that natural highlighted skin but don’t know how to achieve that natural glow effect without applying a thousand layers of highlighter or glowing products. Today I’m sharing some simple ways and useful tips that make a huge difference when wanting to achieve that Dream Glow.   Skincare is one of the most important steps when it comes to getting your skin glowing, and using the right products sure is the most important way. And beautiful makeup starts with beautiful skin. Here are quick tips on how to achieve nice glowing skin. 

  1. Keep your skin well hydrated, by being religious to your skincare routine. You can head over to this post to find out how the right skincare routine has changed my skin.
  2. Never sleep with your makeup, this is probably one of the worst things you can do to your skin. The least you can do is use a makeup towel remover or Micellar water and wipe up everything with a large cotton pad. 
  3. Avoid matte-finish foundations and chose the ones with a dewy and moisturizing formula especially when you have dry skin. I have a round-up of the best foundations here.
  4. Adding a drop of liquid highlighter to your foundations gives a nice subtle and fresh glow to your overall look.
  5. Apply powder only to the areas where you know that your skin tends to get oily or the places you touch a lot.
  6. Always finish your look with a hydrating setting spray or thermal water. It will help everything keep in place.

In the end, always remember less is more, using fewer products but the right products make a huge difference in your overall makeup look. Layering too many products can cause products to cake, slide or separate. You can always go back and add if you need more coverage or glow. You can shop some of my favourite products here:

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