Strobing is trending every where, what is strobing? Strobing is basically highlighting the best part of your face, and to give the skin a dewy and glowy effect. I felt this is a great example of how the strobing should look.PicsArt_1443013938307I will start from how to prepair the skin. Here are some of my favourite strobing creams and basis. Starting clockwise Strobe Cream from M.A.C C$40.00, Illuminating Perfecting Primer from Estee Lauder C$42.00, Pro- Radiance Illuminating Flash Balm from Elemis C$68.97, Glow Maximizer Light Boosting Primer from Dior C$48.00 and foundation primer Radiance from Laura Mercier C$60.95. These are the best bases to start before applying foundation to give a great boost to your skin; it totally depends on what is your preference on choosing the glow.

PicsArt_1443014210469I covered all the glow shades from pearl, rose gold, golden copper and something in between. My favourite ones are the Strobing Cream from M.A.C and foundation primer from Laura Mercie. Simply start applying the base all over the face or if your skin is problematic (uneven texture or acne), keep those areas matte just apply the base to the areas you want to strobe, followed by foundation or BB cream all over the face, make sure to avoid using the strobing cream under eye area that is the only part that I wouldn’t prefer to apply the strobing cream, I would leave that part to highlight with concealer and keep the area matte, make sure you blend well the concealer, lightly powder all over the face and under the eye to set the foundation and concealer to prevent it from creasing. Here is a cheat sheet where strobing really should happen.
This is where really strobing happens, ladies these are some of my favourite powder highlighters starting from top: Highlight 01 from Laura Mercier C$40.00, Soft and Gentle from M.A.C C$37.00, Pro-sculpt duo 01C$45.00 from Makeup forever and Albatross C$37.00 and Frenzy from Nars C$55.00.

Lightly highlight all those great features on your face that you want to be notices like: cheekbones, tip of the nose, top and under the arch of the brows, forehead, chin, inner corner of the eyes and the cupid bow. These are the areas where you want to highlight depending on what’s the great feature on your face. Make sure you start with feather strokes and build up depending on your desire and that’s all ladies for achieving a glowy skin you can totally do a little bit of contouring or bronzing as giving your face a backdrop and sculpt look but it’s totally up to you or add a little bit of color on apple of the cheeks is totally an option.