Spring/Summer Beauty Trend 2018

The Fashion month was over and yet another set of beauty trends are popping out every where. For sure this year for Spring/Summer 2018 is all about glittering, shimmering and sparkling – making looks the statement. Glitters are back or I should say it’s in highest trend for 2018 as contouring is fading from beauty industry. There were many looks this year at the high-end fashion shows and runways featuring fresh and high shine looks with bold and dark eyes. This year the for Spring/Summer the focus is on eyes, where you can keep the skin and lips soft and fresh. Here are some of the trends that are hitting beauty industry this season where I think is more wearable and practical.

Bold & Black

Bold and Black liners are in for this spring and summer. There were many beautiful and bold eyes looks at the runways and shows from Chanel to Marc Jacobs for 2018. Trace the liner thick around both lash lines and wing it out for more dramatic and bold look. Perfect wing? no, the trend at the channel runway highlighted rounded wings.

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Dramatic thick Lashes

Yet it doesn’t stop here with the eyes – thick and full lashes are definitely making a statement this year, there were looks took place in many iconic fashion runways like Dior creating that full lash illustration this year. But if you’re some one with no liner then definitely try out bolder and thick lashes by layering lashes with a nice mascara or thick fake lashes does the job.

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Glitters will go crazy this year – gems, sequins and glitters are the new way to wear sparkles. Glittery eyelids were on show at Topshop, Undercover and Stella Jean, there were even glitter lips at Shrimps. Adhered on your eyelids, under the brow bone using a lash glue. Definitely you can’t go out like this while you’re shopping in a super market but it will make a statement look at your entrance in any event or occasion. Some of the other ways that you can add that glittery look is by adding a nice glittery eyeliner to your look or just by tapping it on the lid for nice subtle shine.


 Muted & Glossy Lips

While going really harsh with eye liners and lashes, lip stays fresh and glossy this season plus wear them blurred. Summer lips tones are bright and beautiful array of pinks and reds ranging from coral to tomato. Bullet lipsticks are back with soft and sheen finishes, yet you want to wear it a little different add some sparkles or high shimmer finish glosses to slay the look.

Super Model Skin

Super model skin – fresh and glowing skin were in across all four fashion cities for spring/summer 2018. Keeping the skin light while adding that lustrous finish to the skin. Keeping in mind Contouring is fading or if you really want to get that sculpt look, keep it light while you can go crazy with highlighting.


 Graphic Eyes

There are still quite some more trends that I think is more for editorial purposes and do not fit in every day lifestyle. Like creating graphic eye liners around the eyes, as an arch, or really bold shades on the eyelids where I think is purely for photography and editorial purposes.

You can definitely tone these trends down for more wearable looks for every day. I will stick to a nice glowing skin, fake lash look and blurred lips for the Spring/Summer 2018. I would love to know which trend fits into your lifestyle? leave a comment down below to let me know.