Benefit Cosmetics | BADgal BANG!

Benefit Cosmetics just launch their new mascara BADgal BANG (C$32.00). This is a 36 hour volumizing mascara that offers lashes the most full, and massive volume without weighting down the lashes. Benefit cosmetics is one of the brands known for their mascara and brow products and this time it is another hit from the brand. The BADgal BANG mascara contains aero-particles which are lightest known materials from space. The formula is lightweight and carries that blackest black shade. It’s smudge proof, flake free and water resistant, yes all the good stuff that we want from our mascara.

I have been a long time lover for their mascara over all, they all works best on my lashes. I have a pretty much good length lashes and most of the times volumizing mascaras works the best for me. It adds nice volume to thicken the lashes for that fake lash look. I only wear fake lashes when I go to a big event other than that mascaras works great on me. I personally use two different one – a lengthening mascara and a volumzing mascara and combining both gives the most dramatic lashes. I was very impressed with this BADgal BANG within the first application, it not only gives lashes thickness it also lefts up the lashes the most, or in other words it adds that nice length to your lashes. It has a matte finish look yet I found it was so comfortable on lashes. Most of the times I find my lashes stiff and hard with most of the mascaras but not with BADgal BAND, it wears comfortably – I have been going back and forth touching my lashes and finding how soft it feels, which makes it ideal for layering.

The brush is designed to reach from root to tip of the lashes with 360 degree reach, the brush it self is rubbery and carries small and big spikes to really comb out the lashes to it’s extent. I personally love to add a little volume to my lower lashes by combing vertically and lightly. And the BADgal BANG brush really reaches to every corner and smallest lower lashes. It also formulates with pro-vitamin B5 to support natural lash thickening and strength, this is some thing I will report on after testing it for couple of weeks.

Here is a look to all three mascara’s from the Benefit Cosmetics:


Only one coat application

I have been really impressed with the new Badgal Bang mascara for the fact that it not only add volume and lengthens the lashes for the fact that it wears comfortably. It doesn’t pull out the lashes, no flakes plus doesn’t smudge. As you notice my lashes do touch my crease and most of the times, my mascara smudges on my crease. I didn’t really see any smudging on the crease while wearing the Badgal Bang mascara. A huge thumbs up, and today is national lash day – you get a mini size mascara when you purchase a full size Badgal Bang in store and online at Sephora.

Many thanks to the Benefit Cosmetics for sending the press sample for editorial purposes.