Rewind Age with Auteur 3-Step Skincare Discovery

As a luxury skincare lover, I always get too excited to find brands that have been on my radar and are now on my vanity for testing purposes. Auteur is a German high-end luxury brand that offers a high-active skincare range that accelerates cellular repair and restores optimal cellular functions with concentrated skincare formulas with the initial goal of simple and no compromises in achieving treatments that work at home that ethically pair well with my skincare mission of “simple and effective skincare routines that are easier to maintain with multi-functional and high-efficacy formulas”. AUTEUR Senior Executive Vice President, Paula Derrick, asserts, “If a product isn’t efficacious enough to be used by a top esthetician within a treatment room to drive the result, it isn’t making it into our collection.”. This quote says a lot about the brand and its mission. I also love that the brand doesn’t believe in one-size-fits-all products, they believe in each product should have multiple benefits. I have been hearing a lot of good reviews from some of my favourite skin specialists and bloggers I trust their reviews. Auteur’s presentation of its products is also on point with its sleek and luxury-looking packaging.

Here is my experience with testing the products I received.

I was sent out customized skincare products from the brand itself with the help of their skincare estheticians for my skin needs. Here is a little about my skin and its needs:

I have dry to normal sensitive skin (it’s dry but I have managed to somewhat bring it to a normal texture with my skincare routine) with some fine lines around my eyes and lots of dark spots and discolouration all over my face that I try to keep them brighten as I age. I do use retinol in my skincare routine 1-2 times a week during the spring/summer time. Here is a look at what I received and details on how these work on skin.

AUTEUR Definitive Enzyme Cleanser

this is gentle enough for everyday cleansing treatment with highly active ingredients and the enzymatic AHA complex gently exfoliates the skin’s surface, tightens pores, and reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles. Its also formulated with Vitamin C compounds. It has skin-friendly Niacinamide and Ectoin – an amino acid “extremeolyte” that protects the skin and helps keep it hydrated and doesn’t strip the skin at all. This cleanser not only deeply cleanses the skin, but it also gives the skin a bit of daily exfoliation it needs that allows products to absorb to their full potential. The formula is infused with high actives and enzymes that significantly smoothes the skin.

The cleanser comes in powder form so the active ingredients are maintained in its high efficacy formulation. The powder turns into a foam cleanser once combined with water. Absolutely love how it gives my skin that super clean feel after its use while minimizing pores and improving skin texture (I really mean by improving skin texture). I’ve been using it in my nightly double cleansing routine after my balm cleanser as well as morning right after my workouts. It leaves my skin clean, with radiance and fresh looking.

AUTEUR Definitive LIne Serum

I found my botox in a bottle, many know I am not into surgical procedures to date and this serum is definitely the first kinda skincare product that changes the views of skincare issues with procedures. This is made specifically to target and tighten up fine lines and wrinkles. It contains a neuromuscular-blocking peptide that functions in the same way as Botox – working to lessen the actual movement that forms lines and reducing wrinkle depth and length over time which means I get excited to try this more often as I can. It has a sticky and instant tightening effect right after application, so the application is a bit nuanced if you are layering with cosmetics such as foundation or concealer but adds a nice radiance on the skin immediately that lasts all day.

It’s a good idea to use it during the nighttime routine as it really helps with tightening. This is one product that has shown results immediately after its application, I’ve seen tremendous results within a week of use without using any retinol products.

I’ve been using a 1 1/2 pump on my nightly skincare routine for my face and neck area right after my cleaner and follow up with my night cream and 1 pump in the morning just around my eye area, laugh line and neck where I want skin age delays. This is quite expensive so I want to use it wisely so I can use it for a longer period of time. I love that for now I don’t need to use retinol (as it makes skin sensitive to sun exposure) yet my skin looks even better than before.

AUTEUR Definitive Eye Cream

This is an eye cream that has a complex blend of several peptides that are engineered just for eye area concerns – brightening, lines, and congestion, and it is super-hydrating while protecting against signs of aging. Eye creams are essential in my skincare routine and I do incorporate them into my daily skincare routine (day and night). I love how this one doesn’t interpret my makeup looks while I see smoother skin after my conealer application. A little goes a long way with this eye cream, it’s rich and really starts smoothing the lines’ appearance. I do use a little lift over around my lips as the skin around the lips is as fragile as the eye area and ages as quickly.

As a skincare lover, I have seen how the right products transform skin with their continued use. You need the right product for your skin, no need to use it a lot yet using it religiously for a good period of time will make the difference. Products are pricy but I find in compared to other luxury brands, they’re very well priced for what you get.

I am extremely impressed with all 3 products, it’s really hard for me to pick one that I loved the most because they all performed well in their own place and as a believer in using products within the brand (will show results more effectively) this is the simplest and greatest skincare range to rewind the time and look of your skin within the matter of a couple of weeks.

And as I am obsessing over the brand, I am now more eggar to try more from them, I think I am more likely to try their mask that looks very interesting to me.