New Signature Scent Fueguia 1833 Rose de La Patagonia

I love trying new perfumes and finding new scents that become stables and my latest discovery is the Fueguia 1833 the Rose de La Patagonia. In case you’re not familiar with the brand this is a luxury high-end fragrance brand based in Buenos Aires and founded by Julian Bedel in 2010. The brand carries very classic and pure scents that are quite exquisite. Their team reach out to me and send out samples to my attention (one of their latest launches along with 3 floral scents by request) to try out the brand and find my way into the brand’s fragrances and pick my favourite scent from their collection. Here is what I got to try:

  • Puro is one of the latest from the brand with main notes of Wood & Tabaco. I really wish it would have been something I like but this new launch was out of my zone.
  • Seda was launched in 2020 with floral base notes such as Jasmine Grandinflora + amber. The scent is slightly too heavy and strong for my taste.
  • Muskara Neroli Launched in 2020 with floral base notes such as Neroli + Musk. The scent really got me, I loved it.
  • Rose de La Patagonia was also the latest launch of the brand. And with base notes such as floral + rose, I knew I would love this scent by heart by finding the notes. The fragrance also carries a strong note of oud that is addictive and adds warmth to the scent.

The Rose de La Patagonia ($812) is a strong floral scent but I think it is one of the most beautiful scents I’ve ever discovered in my life. It’s one of the classic rose scents that any lady would love to carry in their vanity and I am very excited to share this scent with you all here. The combination of the notes such as Rose, Oud and Charcao are well put together to create such an exotic and exquisite kind of feel. This scent carries everything I like in my fragrance – floral rose, warmth and the lasting power is impressive. It has an elegant feel to it and it’s a kinda scent that you want to wear on a special occasion, event or date night. If you’re an upcoming bride and looking for a special scent then I would highly recommend this to you or if you’re someone who wants to enter the room with a different scent then this is that scent.

The fragrance is nothing I’ve tried or owned before so definitely, it was a new experience for me. The packaging is just gorgeous, well designed and packed quite in a different way than the usual fragrance. The glass bottle is wrapped in a map of South America and encased in a lovingly carved wood field and placed in a wooden bamboo packaging. Fueguia’s 1833 creations are conceived at Fueguia’s 1833 laboratory, located in Milan, Italy.

I know perfume is a very personal choice but if you’re looking for an elegant floral rose scent with a warm and addicting feel then this is something you need to check. It’s the proper year-round scent, with floral notes for spring and summer seasons, and a woody musk for the colder months. think it is a timeless classic scent that you can make your own signature scent as this has become my signature scent. You can find the Fueguia 1833 Collection currently available in-store & online at Bergdorf Goodmen and Harrods as well as

Samples provided and courtesy of FUEGUIA 1833. My opinion is based on my experience with the brand.