Givenchy New Rose Perfecto Tinted Liquid Balm

My Latest love is the new Rose Perfecto Tinted Liquid Balm ($45.00). Givenchy just released a selection of the first marbled liquid lip balm infused with skincare and a hint of colour. The balms offer a natural glow and a touch of colour with lots of shine. As a lip balm lover, I like to experiment with different formulas that would keep my lips hydrated, and add a flush of colour and shine and this balm is doing everything for me and a little extra with its skincare benefits.

The formula is creamy and has a nourishing feel without slipping. The pigment is excellent in coverage with an opaque texture compared to balms. the formula is infused with hyaluronic acid that adds moisture and gives lips an entire plump look, as well as the Pink Pepper Extract, is quite noticeable. I have 3 out of shades to swatch today here

  • Pink Irresistible is a transparent pink, that is custom to your PH 
  • Rouge Grainé is a sheer iconic deep red
  • Black Pink is a blackened pink that transforms into a rich berry shade

Lasting power is impressive too compared to all other lip balms or something very close. You will need to reapply and lip liner will add better lasting but the stain and shine are quite good. I think I haven’t tried anything similar to this before, which makes me more excited. I give the packaging and the applicator 100% on how it applies the product to the lips perfectly and precisely.

I have tried their Rose Perfecto Plumping Lip Balm (reviewed here) before and I think the formula is quite different in both. The new Rose Perfecto Tinted Liquid Balms add more plumping effect, shine, and definitely more product in the liquid form. I’ve linked some of my favourite lip formulas from Givenchy below along with the new Rose Perfecto Tinted Liquid Balms.

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