Revive Damage Hair with Remilia Haircare Line

I have been dealing with hair loss and damage throughout the past year (I will have complete detail on my finds and how to deal with hair loos very soon) which made me get more in-depth with my hair care routine. I did everything to get back my natural healthy looking hair after almost 2 years (I got rid of the last part of my damaged hair with a recent haircut). In the meantime, I was looking for products to keep up with my hair shine and maintain the healthy look of my hair.

Remilia has been a brand that I recently discovered, that has been featured in many high-end magazines such as Vogue Uk and Instyle. I actually reach out to them to see if I would be able to get my hands on their products to test and they were kind enough to not only send me the serum, I was offered to try their newest launch which is the new hair mask.

I was super excited and eager to try the new mask but mostly the hair serum. I’ve never tried a keratin hair treatment before, I was truly blown away by the results after only one use; my hair not only looked silky smooth, but it also looked as healthy as possible. Although I do take care of my hair quite well, the highlights and regular use of hot tools add more texture and dryness to my hair. About 2 years ago I decided to get rid of the highlights, that brutally damaged my hair. Here is a quick look at these products what it does and how to use them.

The Cosmocap Hair Serum

It’s a lightweight keratin treatment designed to transform dry, damaged hair into shiny, healthy hair within one use. The serum comes in biodegradable capsules that contain the hair serum. They’re very easy to use and can carry easily with you anywhere. Each capsule has enough hair serum to treat any hair length. The serum helps with dryness, and frizz immediately and adds a nice shine that doesn’t weigh down the hair at all. It also adds a smooth texture to the hair and works as a heat protector. Apply it on towel-dried hair, concentrating on the mid-end section and style it as usual.

This serum has claimed the nickname of miracle serum and liquid heaven over amazon users as they share their experience. And I totally agree with how it transforms the hair, is magic.

Green Coco Hair Mask

Super excited to say that I have found an amazing hair mask for my hair. I am a hair mask lover by heart, and one of the facts is that I don’t like to use conditioner at all (I lose more hair when I use it), instead I love to use a good hydrating hair mask. Finding a good hydrating mask that revives hair damage isn’t easy.

This is a new launch from Remilia and a new product addition after the award-winning hair serum and I am sure this mask will transform your hair. This is a hair mask that will restore dry and brittle hair. It helps boost hair shine, and nourish and improve the look of the hair over time. It also helps with frizz and colour-treated hair damage. It’s meant to use twice a week to get the results. I personally am in love with it, it is easy to use and you feel your hair looks healthier within the second use of this mask.

You want to make sure you apply a scoop of the mask to the hair concentrating on the bottom half (I like to use it as my condition, but haven’t used it with the condition) and leave it for 5-10 minutes depending on your hair. rinse it off and follow along with the serum for better results.

I am super impressed and very happy that I’ve found something that instantly works on my hair plus this will help my hair to look healthy and nourished in the future. I will keep you all updated on how it feels and looks every season. you purchase them in a bundle here.

As a beauty blogger, I love to try new things, but there are quite some products that make their place in my beauty cabinet for life and these are one of those kinds of items.

I hope you find this post helpful, I have a blog post coming soon on my new hair care routine – stay tuned.