Ramadan 2024

Ramada Kareem to you!! I am so happy and excited to experience and celebrate another Ramadan one of my favourite times of the year. It’s the time I feel peace in my life and I enjoy every single moment of it. we all tend to make the most out of this month with spiritual growth, prayer, as well as a reflection of our soul, body and mind. As many know, I organize my spring cleaning just before Ramada to have enough time to connect spiritually and involve my kids in doing things together as a family. I like to keep things simple and I invest in items to use them throughout the years. I shared a Ramadan Tablescape last year in which most of the items were featured there and my favourite home scent and home decor for this spring season has been featured in this POST.

I’ve added just a few home items that I think are useful. I added new Napkin Rings (Bismillah) that are beautiful to decorate any time of the year.

I found Label printer was one of the best ways to keep your tables customized the way you want. I ordered NIIMBOT B1 Label Maker which has been working amazingly for me labelling my items throughout my home, especially the kitchen area. I ordered my seasoning labels earlier from an Etsy shop which you can find in this POST.

I am sharing a few easy recipes throughout the month of Ramadan. In case you missed any of the recipes, here are a few to inspire you or help you get ideas on what to cook for iftar or sahari.

Iftar Dishes

These are a few dishes I like to make for iftar, as savoury. Of course, the Tandoori Chicken is the mean course but the Cheddar & Beef Pasty and Egg Omelette Pastry are good sauvories to make for iftar or Suhoor time.


Here are a few very easy sweets and desserts I like to make during the month. You can serve them after food, and they can be a good idea for suhoor time.

Fresh Juicing

Juicing fresh fruits and veggies during Ramadan has become a ritual for me. It’s easy to make yet you get that energy you need for your body to run for the entire month. I also found most of the time I wasn’t getting enough of my veggies + fruits because I would feel full after eating my full meal in the iftari and I wasn’t feeling good to go to sleep full stomach. At the same time, it’s important to take some nice warm water into your system and if you break your fast with some infused warm water it’s a perfect way to break your fast.

I hope this month will bring you all joy, health and prosperity. For me, it’s a time when I want to connect to my soul and my creator. Plus each year I try to become a better version of myself – avoiding a habit for the rest of my life.