MAKE UP FOR EVER | Lip Fever: Passion Pink Lip Collection (Limited Edition)

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Make up For Ever have launched a new limited edition lip collection called Lip Fever for this spring/summer. This collection consists of passion pinks lip shades in nice nude, soft and bold pink shades with different textures. All these shades are gorgeous and it was hard for me to pick one so I bought all of them. I love how Make Up For Ever have introduced these Lip collection on different colors and textures. I felt they have combined the perfect color with perfect texture to meet our daily needs. This collection will take you from night life to daily events and to casual days with totally different looks. The pigmentation on all of them are amazing plus I was very impressed with their lasting power.

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Artist Acrylip in Electric Fuchsia (C$29 for 0.08 oz) is a very intense acrylic pink paint, with blue under tone and paired with a matching lip pencil from Make Up For Ever’s Aquq Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencils (is not a limited edition). This Acrylip is a high-pigment liquid color lipstick with full coverage formula and high-shine effect. This liquid lipstick feels weightless on lips, and doesn’t smudge or crease on the edges. Love the lasting power by itself and I feel this is a perfect lipstick to wear on night life. The Artist Acrylip comes in a tube package and with a traditional liquid stick applicator. The tip of the applicator is designed to fit perfectly on any lip shape. It’s very easy to carry this liquid lipstick and fits into any size bag.
Aqua Lip Waterproof Lipliner in Fuchsia (C$24 for 0.04 oz) is a fuchsia pink with blue under tone from Aqua Up lip pencil line. This was my first time trying the Make Up For Ever’s Aquq Lip Waterproof Lipliner Pencils and I was very impressed with the lasting power, after testing and swatching it on my arm I tried to remove it with a make up remover wipe, it was not coming off and after washing it twice there was success in removing the lip liner from my skin. I did tried it both together and they both go well along and after lining with lip liner it glues the lipstick on its place.

A closer look + swatches:

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There are two lipsticks in chubby stick shapes in this collection. As my readers knows me by now how much I am obsessed with chubby sticks. These chubby stick are wearable on daily basis and will finish the look perfectly. Both comes in different colors and textures.
Up first is the Artist Lip Balm in Fuchsia Cherry (C$25 for 0.23 oz) is a nourishing lip balm which is designed with triple benefit formula comfort, color and shine. This lip balm carries a very sheer coverage and it’s not transparent, especially if you swipe it back and forth for a couple of time. It glides on easy and the texture feels weightless on lips. I love how it provides a perfect amount of shine to the lips with a perfect baby pink color. It comes with an easy cap on to protect the lip balm from drying and it’s easy to use while on the go. A thumbs up to It’s twisted design, so There is no sharpening needed.

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Next Artist Lip Blush in Exalted Rosewood (C$25 for 0.08 oz)  is a soft nude shade with a velvet matte finish. I would say it’s a perfect blush nude shade which will enhance any skin tone. It glides on easy with a perfect amount of moisture that does not leave lips dry at all. I totally loved the lasting power with the perfect moisture it provided, my lips didn’t feel dry at all even though it’s a matte finish. There is no smudging or creasing with this lipstick and no precession application is required. It comes with a clip on packaging to lock in the moisture and to extend the life of lipstick.

Bottom line a thumbs up to all three lipsticks, Make Up For Ever have punched in a perfect Lip collection for this Spring/Summer season. Loved the idea of different textures with different colors and especially to work with different shades of pink is amazing. I felt this collection had a realistic base, using the perfect shades on perfect texture to use is on daily basis. I would highly recommend to check these before they get sold out. These are available in store at Sephora and online at and