L’Oreal Paris’ | Elvive 8 Second Wonder

We all don’t get to see our hairstylists for the past couple of months and for me it’s been more than 5 months. Not only that we don’t get to see our hairstylist and not get regular hair trimming, but we are also facing cold and dry winter months that seem like never ends. Although we no longer under a lockdown yet I am taking extra measures to avoid going out at this point. I already changed my hair colour at home which was a great achievement. And at the same time, I have been testing quite some new hair treatments to reset my dull and dry hair and finally, I got to try out the  L’Oreal Paris’ Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water that caught my eyes while I was shopping at my local Shoppers drugstore.

L’Oreal Paris’ Elvive 8 Second Wonder Water is an in-shower treatment that launched in 2020 and transforms hair visibly softer and smoother within 8 seconds. The results are immediate! Its formulated with amino acids, and lamellar water technology that targets the areas of the hair where it needs attention without weighing down the rest of the hair.

The packaging carries a pre-measure usage indicator depending on your hair length and thickness but overall I found that one usage is good enough. Although it’s meant to use after your shampoo and conditioner, yet I have switched it with my conditioner. Squirt a dose of Wonder Water onto your mid-lengths of the hair and massage it through your hair. And rinse it out, and you’re all set. You’ll see results just within one use especially after you get to style your hair after the treatment. I love that I don’t have to set in the shower to get a hair treatment (you know how quick a shower should take for a mother of 3). I have already used it more than 3 times for the past two weeks and it has visibly transformed my dry & dull hair into a healthier and smoother-looking hair. I saw its best results when I blowout my hair. I have been kept touching my hair and wanted to feel the softness, and it looks unbelievably shiny.