Laneige | Two Tone Lipstick

Laneige just have just introduced the Two Tone Lipstick (C$35.00 each). This is a very unique and dual color lipstick that instantly offers a ombre lips within one application. These comes in perfect two-tone ombre color selection with a great pigmentation and soft texture. It carries a nice semi matte finish and comes in 8 beautiful shades including nudes, pink and bold reds. I received four shades from the brand which includes:

  • Cashmere Nude – is a combination of caramel nude with a light orange shade to create a nice peachy nude color.
  • Milk Blurring – is a combination of bright red with transparent color less pigment to create a beautiful tinted lip look.
  • Burgundy Love – carries a dark burgundy and a peach shade.
  • Magenta Muse – carries a combination of burgundy or grape shade with bright pink.

It feels super soft and creamy on lips and once applied both colors mixes together and the mixture gives lips a beautiful color. They’re light weight and gives a nice natural finish to the lips. The coverage is medium to full – you can get a sheer to medium veil with one swipe and full coverage with going back and forth with application. This is totally some thing new to me, I have tried using two lipsticks to get a two-tone or ombre effect finish before but this was my first time using a lipstick that contains two shades to create a ombre while you’re on the go. Nice and smooth surface lips are required for these lipstick since they do show off the dry patches. The application is also a little tricky, you can just apply it as a regular lipstick to get a nice mixed finish of the two-tone but to create a ombre effect you have to apply darker color on inner edge of lower lips and lighter color on outer edge, yet flip lipstick to get the same effect on upper lips as well ( darker color on inner edge and lighter color on outer edge).
Theses Two Tone Lipstick carries a very different and unique packaging, totally some thing different that traditional lipsticks.

Overall thoughts on this lipstick is great, these carries a nice and great two-tone combination to get a nice ombre effect without any hassle. The texture is soft with a good lasting power, it stays as good as any other lipstick would last. I personally loved all the colors I received and it’s hard for me to pick a favorite shade. I think there is a great range of colors and shades to please every one. Two Tone Lipsticks are now available online at

Many thanks to the Lageige team for sending the press samples for reviewing purposes.