Klorane | New Hair Ritual with Mango Butter for Dry Hair

Klorane is a new hair care brand that I was introduced with recently. Klorane is a French hair care brand since 1965 and their mission is to produce innovative, safe and effective plant base hair care products while preserving nature. Klorane introduced a new hair care range infused with Mango Butter which is formulated with 96% natural ingredients. The collection contains:

  • Mango Butter Shampoo
  • The Conditioner with Mango Butter
  • Mango Butter Mask
  • Leave in Cream with Mango Butter

The Mango Butter Shampoo is a nourishing and rich shampoo that doesn’t weight down the hair while it protects the hair shaft. The shampoo is good and hydrating especially if you have dry hair, I have been using it for a week now and I find is super nourishing. You can really see the difference once you use both the shampoo and conditioner, hair looks more supple and soft. The shampoo its self makes the hair tangles but the conditioner take cares of any tangles and the mix will add a nice shine and also gives ability to air dry without any frizz. I have a dry and naturally curly hair, the curls are big so once I brush them they look more like wavy and frizzy. I always look for shampoo and conditioner that would keep my hair hydrated so I can easily get control over the frizz and curls. I have pretty much fine hair but very flexible.

Just a little bit of sharing on my hair care routine, I personally wash my hair twice a week. I have a very dry hair and I don’t get to deal with oiliness or greasing at all. I usually wash my hair with a hydrating shampoo and depending on how I would style my hair I use my conditioner and mask. If I have to have keep my hair curly I would use an intensive hair mask after shampooing and if I know I would be styling right after showering I would only use shampoo that way I can extend my hair style for up to 5 days. And I would only use conditioner once in a while when I feel I need less moisture to my hair maybe during humid summer time. Hair masks are a rescue from dry winter months for my hair, it not only keeps the hair more hydrated and nourished it also adds a nice shine and protects from split ends that get to happen from dryness and using hot tools.

I’m definitely loving the Mango Butter Mask which is an intensive hair mask that immediately restores the hair fiber to life. To make you hair look healthy and shinny it literally takes 5 minutes to use this mask. And not to forget it smells divine, this is some thing I use pretty much all the time after my shampoo especially during winter time. It carries the right combination to nourish ends of hair and scalp while adds a nice shine. I have also liked the Schwarzkopf Q10+ Time Restore Hair Mask which was included on my Beauty Empties post.

And at last the Leave in Cream which is very hydrating and nourishing cream and infused with mango butter, and this was my first time going over a leave in hair cream. It really protects the hair from dryness without putting down the hair. I would suggest to start from the end working upward, that way you can really focus on the ends where is the dryness the most. It’s very easy to use and love how it adds a healthy look to my hair.

At the end a thumbs up from me, I loved how hydrating and nourishing the range is and for the fact that is formulated with 96% natural ingredient it attracts me even more. You can now find the Mango Butter range from Klorane in Shoppers Drug Mart.

Press materials were provide and courtesy of Klorane.