KEVYN AUCOIN | The Contour Book


Contouring is trending tremendously every where and now almost all the brands are taking over on making contour pallets. I wanted to go over Kevyn Aucoin contour pallet. It is a multitask pallet, this is meant to contour whole face from eyes, nose, cheeks, forehead and jaw line. This pallet comes in six shades which includes: 1, sculpt 2, highlight 3, brighten 4, Accentuate 5, Define 6, shade. Which they are nicely marked to go step by step. The pigment is amazing and extremely smooth for making it easy to blend. All the shades are more on the red and grey tunes, so it really makes the shadows look natural and at the same time this pallet carries all kind of texture from matte to satin and shimmer so can really create different looks with it.


Basically contouring is art of sculpting and defining as Kevyn says in his words. The rule is to enhance the beauty and should not exaggerate. You want the dark colors shade and make the areas recent and light colors highlight and make things come forward. The key to get a beautiful finish is to must extremely blend the different powders to prevent the visibility of lines. I totally love to contour my face as a daily base and don’t like to see any harsh lines, with this pallet you can really have the control of the intensity and can easily transform your look from day to night. This pallet is a little pricy, it retails C$85 but it is one of the products that you can just grab this pallet on the go and can really do your whole makeup with it, using the darker shades to contour eyes as well as contour and highlight the whole face at the same time.


Love the packaging since it’s very easy to carry around with you while traveling and meanwhile chic looking too. It does come with a whole face and eye guide and instruction on how to apply the shades using numeric method and also a guide on how to really do face contouring. Usually contour pallets are meant to be used for makeup artists since it’s really used for photo shoots and brides makeup but with this one you can really use it as you daily base contour and eye shadow pallet.


Kevyn Aucoin Contour pallet comes with a beautiful brush, it’s really soft and the size of the brush is on smaller side to really focus each area for definition and blending. The brush has been designed to contour face, eyes and nose. It does blend the products beautifully, with this brush you can really define the parts of the face for more sculpt look, I wouldn’t use this as my contour brush for face unless I am really defining the cheekbones for night look but perfect for contouring jaw lines, nose and eyes. Love the quality of the brush so elegant and really can be used for anything. Always you have to make sure you tap the product off the brush before applying it to the face or any other part, and can build it by layering. The brush is sold separately and retails for C$48.00.