Fresh | Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Night Cream

Fresh Beauty just introduced a new addition to their Lotus Youth Preserve line this January, Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Night Cream (C$60 for 50 mL). This is a rich whipped night cream that helps skin detoxify while you sleep. This night cream is filled with antioxidants and it also minimizes and prevents the first signs of aging. This night cream is formulated with Fresh Beauty’s revolutionary ingredient Super Lotus. The texture of the Lotus Youth Preserve Night Cream is rich yet gets into the skin immediately so there is no heavy or greasy feeling.

Closer look at the Lotus Night Cream

I loved the thick and rich texture that doesn’t disturb me with the clam and soft feeling. Night time skin care routine is a very important part-time for our skin because it’s when the skin is more receptive to nourish and you can see the results immediately, especially when you’re religious to your routine. This Lotus Youth Preserve night cream is also formulated with Peach Leaf Extract which helps skin look and feel refreshed and plumped over night. I have been testing it for a more than two weeks now and I’m incredibly happy with the results. Skin looks and feels more plump and fresh looking in the morning right in your bed with a nice noticeable radiance. Its designed for all skin textures even oily skin, it works great and keeps skin well hydrated.
I have had used the Lotus Preserve Rescue Mask which is one of my favorite all time mask (reviewed here), and Lotus Preserve Radiance Lotion which is one of the most light weight facial lotions. And since I have tried this new Lotus Preserve Dream Face cream I’m so tempting to try out more items from this line.

It comes in a nice thick glass jar with a beautiful blue navy shades to bring that night-time feeling into it.

Bottom line love it! it works great, love the rich and creamy texture while it feels like lotion on skin, meaning it doesn’t feel heavy on skin at all. I’m really particular for my night-time skin care routine, I want some thing light, simple yet effective enough to keep my skin hydrated and radiant looking in the morning. You can easily introduce it to your skin care routine, and makes a huge difference in your over all look in the morning within couple of days. You can now find the Lotus Youth Preserve Dream Face Cream online and in store at Sephora, Nordstrom.

Lotus Preserve Dream Face Cream provided and courtesy of Fresh Beauty.