I have been suffering from dry lips all winter long, I do use some natural DIY lip scrubbers once in a while but I felt it was not enough. I started searching for lip treatments at Sephora, where I was introduced to the Sugar Lip line from Fresh Beauty. Fresh Beauty carries a great range of Lip care products from exfoliates to treatments and nourishing. All these products carries safe and natural ingredients. I have been testing these product from last three weeks now and I can say I have the most soft and nourished lips I was dreaming. Today I am reviewing:

  • Sugar Lip Polish (C$29.00 each) – is a gentle conditioning exfoliant for a softer and smoother lips. It carries brown sugar crystals and natural humectants that provides moisture and buffs off the dry skin from lips. It’s infused with shea butter and jojoba oil to keep the lips nourished while exfoliating. I have been exfoliating my lips twice a week followed by Sugar Nourishing Lip balm, just massage a small amount onto the lips rinse off and try to really take off the extra dry flakes with a damp washcloth. I have been experiencing from a very dry lip condition and that was the only way to take off all those dry flakes from my lips. You want to make sure you followed with a nice moisturizing lip treatment that carries at least SPF15 to protect your lips.

  • Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm Advanced Therapy (C$36.00 each for 7 g) – is an ultra nourishing lip balm that smooths and softens lips with a nice subtle mint flavor. This was a lip saver for me, I had seen nothing that would work on keep my lips this smooth and nourished before. I have been using it every day as my skin care routine, and it have been working wonderfully on keeping my lips from dryness all day long.  As well as it improves the appearance of fine lines while the hyaluronic fill spheres enhances lips’ volume. The texture is super creamy yet lightweight.

  • Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy (C$45.00 for 10 ml) – is  an award-winning lip primer, it’s an Advance Therapy treatment for lips that targets visible signs of aging as well as it helps to nourish and improve the visible signs of fine lines and dryness. I loved how its light weight and perfect to use it under your lipstick for a smoother looking lips all day. I have been carrying this in my on the go bag and I applied when ever I felt that lips are dry or I would apply it right before refreshing my lipsticks. It works wonders under your matte lipsticks, keeping in mind that a little goes a long way – you really need a very small amount to cover the whole lips area with this serum. This Serum comes in a perfect packaging that you have a full control on product dispense.

  • Sugar Lip Treatment (C$29.00 each) – it’s a Lip Treatment that moisturizes, protects and smooths the lips with a hint of color. These lip treatments from Fresh Beauty comes in a great range of colors and flavors to please every one. It is infused with vitamins A, C, and E provide protection from wrinkle-causing free radicals. These are definitely my favorite ones to use while on the go, they’re supper cute and easy to carry in your bag.

These products have helped me from chronically dry lips that I have been suffering all winter season. They’re very effective and most of the times they do come in a bundle packaging’s where you get two or more products that works the best together for a better price. If I had to pick up two products it would be the Sugar Nourishing Lip Balm Advanced Therapy and the Sugar Lip Treatment that I think they keep my lips well hydrated and protects with SPF15 but from my experience you have to use the products all along to see the difference. You can find these products in store at Sephora as well as online at