Father’s Day Fragrance Gift Guide

I fell this is the most hard time for ladies to find a good gift for the man in your life, well at least for me. I find it’s always take me very long time to decide what to get for the men in my life whether it’s my dad, brother or my husband. With choosing or picking a gift for ladies I always get to find many different options  and ways to please them, where I fail when it comes to men. My total escape is Fragrance department. I have had the pleasure to find out some of the latest and amazing fragrances for men this year and any of these would be perfect to make your father feel especial. I personally call some one dad that I think is the kindest person in the world with no expectations from us in any means. But I always see that he seeks that love from us just by saying happy father’s day to him. This year I have decided to pick him one of the fragrances listed below along with a bouquet of flowers. Here are some of the latest from men fragrance department.

  • Ralph Laurent Polo Supreme Oud Eau de Parfum Natural Spray (C$195) is a nice smoky oud accord. This one is enriched with some mesmerizing blend of spices and along with rich woods. If you’re into smoky Indian Oud Accord then this is some thing you need to try out in person. Although for me I’m not into the Smoky Indian Oud Accord note at all but my husband loved it.
  • Dior Sauvage Eau de Toilette (C$118) this is one of my favorite fragrance for men. You can’t go wrong with any purchase from Dior. The combination of bergamot and hint of wood and pepper gives it that masculine feel into this fragrance. The scent is a little strong but subtle, where it can be worn at any kind of event. This comes with an amazing lasting power.
  • Mr. Burberry Eau de Parfum (C$110) is a nice warm & spicy fragrance, very elegant and luxury looking fragrance. With key notes of Cinnamon, Lavender and Vetiver (reviewed here). It gives a nice sensual and woody scent with fresh and aromatic top notes of tarragon. As you may all know Burberry never fails with their presentations, and this Mr. Burberry is one of the most iconic fragrance from the brand.
  • MUGLER  Amen Kryptomint Eau de Toilette Limited Edition (C$99) This one carries a fresh, vibrant and legendary scent. This fragrance carries notes of peppermint, Egyptian geranium, patchouli. If you know your dad is on the cool side this is definitely some thing you want to consider not only that it carries an icy-cool reinterpretation of the original MEN Eau de Toilette, it also carries a very vibrant and energizing neon color to brighten your father’s day.
  • Jimmy Choo Man Intense (C$99) This once is very charming and carries a very elegant and sleek look. It’s top notes like Lavender and Honeydew melon makes this fragrance very rich and sensual. This Man Intense from Jimmy Choo carries a very sleek look. This one have been launched last year but I have been loving it every time my husband wears it.
  • Dior Homme Sport (C$98) carries a very sexy woody scent. It’s a very clean and fresh fragrance (reviewed here). This fragrance carries a mix of fruity, spicy freshness while retaining a free and adventurous style.  If you’re some one whose not sure about men’s scent, this is some thing that you want to keep in your consideration. It’s going to keep you on the safe side.
  • Azzaro Chrome Pure (C$72) this is a newer version of CHROME with texture, soft and sensual for men. It carries a top notes of Mandarin and Patchouli making it very fruity and spicy at the same time. Chrome Pure is a very fresh juicy and carries a very clean scent fragrance. The bottle comes in white matte finish that represents the purity.