Evolution Of Smooth | Body Lotion, Hand Cream, Shaving Cream and Lip Balm

Dry skin have been my best friend from many years now. Having a nice smooth skin is always seems too dreamy for me, and since many years I have been using many different kinds of lotions, creams and lip balms to find a favorite one that I can always stick to it and to that note I do have found few brands that do miracles on the skin. And lately I got to try the Evolution of Smooth’s products for couple of weeks now, I must say I have been loving the products and they’re in my repurchase list already. Today I am sharing few products that I have been loving from Evolution Of Smooth which includes: Body & Hand Lotion, Shaving cream and Lip Balm.



eos Body Lotion (C$5.26 for 200 ml and C$8. 55 for 350 ml) is a silky light weight lotion that moisturizes the skin for smoother and softer finish. It quickly absorbs into the skin with no time with no greasy feeling at all. The eos Body Lotion comes in two different scents Delicate Petals and Berry Blossom which I find both smells delightful. It’s enriched with natural shea butter, avocado oil and vitamin E where all these helps skin get smoother and softer throughout the use. I found it does keeps skin hydrated longer than any other body lotion does. These lotions come in two different packaging, 6.8 fl oz / 200 ml with an easy to use flip top cap and 11.8 fl oz / 350 ml with an integrated pump design.

eos Hand Lotion (C$3.27 each for 1.5 fl oz) is a light weight nourishing hand lotion, with a light fragrance. These hand lotion are enriched with shea butter, aloe, oats and antioxidants which keeps hands soft and smooth – plus they come in three different scents, Berry Blossom, Fresh Flowers and Cucumber.

I have been loving it the fact that the packaging is so ideal while you’re on the go. As many times I notice my hands dry while I get out of the house and most of the times we all forget to carry our hand creams and lotions with us, but this hand lotion is designed in way that is sleek and light weight where carrying it is no longer a hassle. It absorbs quickly with no greasy feeling at all and it does keeps hands well hydrated for a very good amount of time.


eos Shaving Cream (C$4.59 for 207 ml ) is a moisturizing shaving cream, especially if you are some one like me with dry skin shaving is always a hard task to do. I found its light weight but lather up thick and easily, which keeps the blades off the skin, leaving skin well nourished and soft. It comes in three different scents – Vanilla, Pomegranate Raspberry and Lavender Jasmine. The packaging is very ideal to use it inside the shower shelves and it is designed with a pump cap.

Last but not least the eos Passion Fruit flavored Lip Balm (C$4.33 each) is 100% natural and are free of paraben and petrolatum. I have had heard a lot about these from a very long time now for keeping the lips soft and smooth but never got the chance to try them. These comes in two different kinds which is Passion Fruit flavored (comes in sold colored packaging) and Visibly Soft (comes in two color wave package). They’re enriched with antioxidants, vitamin E, shea butter and jojoba oil to keep the lips well moisturized and smooth. I have been loving the packaging, they come in nice and beautiful colors and a twist-off top where application is supper easy.

Over all I have been very pleased with these products, I have been loving them all. The fact that all these products provide soft and smooth skin all over the body which we all ladies are looking for. They are all every day products we use the most, price point is amazing for the amount of product you’re getting. You can find these at EvolutionofSmooth.ca.