Eve Lom | Moisture Cream & Cleansing Oil Capsules

There are quite some new launches from Eve Lom and couple of the recent launches that I have been loving are the new Moisture Cream and Cleansing Oil Capsules. I have been fan of the brand since I have tried their Radiance Face Oil for the first time about one half years go followed by their most famous Cleansing Balm. Yet I was super excited when I found about these new finds from them recently. I find their products are quite gentle and safe at the same time, for me both Radiance Face Oil and Cleansing Balm done wonders during the fall/winter time last year for my dry skin. Yet here I have fallen in love with two more products of them once again.
Up first is the new Moisture Cream (C$198.00 for 1.6 oz/50 mL) which is a multi-tasking facial cream that provides anti-aging, antioxidants and anti-pollution while locks in moisture in complexion. Its designed for all skin texture from dry to oily. The Moisture Cream is one of the most beautiful and rich creams I’ve tried for restoring hydration and moisture while it really works on firmness of the skin and improves the elasticity over time. Fall is one of the seasons I tend to reach out to most richest creams since I do spent time out side and the harsh and cold winds really dry. This Moisture Cream is formulated with  PrimalHyal Ultrafiller which provides hyper-hydrating, plumping, stimulates skin’s defenses.
The texture is bit sticky but not heavy, it layers skin like a thin veil for locking the moisture for longer period of time. At the same time I find this cream to be very clean from all harsh ingredient. For me it smooth out my fine lines and re-plumb the skin while kept the hydration levels well.

For me this is a great anti-aging cream to help smooth fine lines, re-plump the skin, restore hydration and glow. The texture is super smooth, blends into the skin flawlessly, absorbs quickly and dries down to a soft finish where I can still feel the moisture but not in a super heavy in a way. I can use this day or night, it’s perfect anytime my skin feels super dry and it is easy to incorporate and switch it in or out of your skin care routine anytime.

Up next is the Cleansing Oil Capsules (C$97.00) are cleansing oils stored in small capsules carrying enough product for one time use. It’s again designed for all skin textures. They are meant to dissolve impurities (especially makeup) to leave skin soft and supple and hydrated for 12 hours. Its enriched with Omega Fatty Acids which provides the skin with a rich, gentle, hydrating cleanse, while simultaneously melting dirt and debris. It really removes all traces of makeup including waterproof mascara. It doesn’t strip the skin and leaves skin feeling firm and smooth. Its formulated with a signature blend of botanical oils such as eucalyptus, Egyptian chamomile and hops. It also comes in a refillable compact form which is designed to protect them while on the go. I removed my makeup with the Cleansing Oil Capsules for two nights back to back without apply my nightly skin care routine and I was really amazed how my skin looked fresh and plumed in the morning. The texture these are likely like oils so they do run around your hands, I would suggest to directly deposit the product on complexion that way you can really get most of the this cleansing oil.
Bottom line, I’m impressed! both Moisture Cream and Cleansing Oil Capsules performed well on my skin during this dry month. I think it’s just a perfect time to introduce such a nice with rich texture cleanser and moisturizer to your daily and nightly skin care routine. You can now find both Moisture Cream and Cleansing Oil Capsules available at Sephora.

Press samples provided and courtesy of Eve Lom.