Loving Right Now | Home Edition

As a mom of 3, I always thought I get more time to share things with you all here but it’s the other way around – my errands and responsibilities are growing tremendously. I am becoming very selective about what I share here or on social media as well as what kind of content I want to create and how to use my time to be beneficial for me and you.

When it comes to home decor, I don’t change the whole decor but I like to refresh things around my home regularly. Most of the time I try to pick items that are within the neutral colour palette and that I can mix and match around the seasons easily. I also want to mention that I’ve become selective on my purchases lately. Here are a few items I’ve added to my home plus some items that I have on my radar.

H&M has been releasing so many amazing home and fashion items for this season and I couldn’t hold myself back. I’ve already picked some fashion items which I shared with you guys previously and you’ll see me in those on upcoming posts but today, I’m sharing home items I loved in this post.

This Faux Fur Throw is very similar to the one I have at home and I think it adds a nice warmth to the entire home. Stoneware Bowl is a very aesthetic piece that elevates the look of the coffee table. Metal Candlestick comes in different sizes and they’re must-haves for any season. The Porcelain dinnerware collection is just stunning but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to get them as they do not offer the entire collection here in Canada. I’ve linked the collection, if you live outside Canada, you can get them and I find them very classic. I’ve purchased pillowcases a few times previously but each time I had to change my mind about them as in some ways I thought they would not complement the colour palette throughout my home. But finally, I can say I found the perfect range of pillows that go with my home colour palette so well. The Velvet pillowcases come in a great range of shades and colours. They are made well. I also picked up some Patterned Pillowcases that are currently on sale and very high quality.

I also added a Cuisinart 12 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware Set in Blue and I am happy to say I took the Black Friday Sale advantage to get the best deal. The Blue set is currently out of stock but they just introduced their 10 Piece Stainless Steel Cookware in Red and Copper that are quite beautiful.

I use stainless steel or Our Place cookware for my cooking purposes. I don’t use non-stick pans in my home at all.

I also added the Sorrento Double Wall Coffee & Beverage 9-piece Glassware Set, and Staub Stonewares Rectangular Baking & Casserole 2-piece Dish Set for my cooking and baking purposes.

I am planning and working on updating my bedroom and I know it might take me a long time to find things around. But will share anything that might be helpful with you or to inspire you.