Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster (C$82 for 1 oz) from Dr. Dennis Gross is a professional-strength time-released concentrate that is a combinations of potent benefits of antioxidants and exfoliating acids which can be mixed into your favorite products to enhance their benefits, or used alone to visibly optimize skin’s healthy appearance for a refreshed, youthful, radiant complexion as described. It is meant to give your skin a complete treatment with its microdroplet formula which contains three unique acids – pyruvic, tartaric, and linoleic for more even looking and smoother skin without any irritation. You can add this very easily to your morning or evening skin care routine just by mixing it to your serum or moisturizer to enhance the benefit of your products or add a drop to your foundation to boost the performance. It also can be applied by itself directly to the face for a transformed radiant looking, firmed and luminous complexion. It comes in a beautiful orange-colored glass bottle with dropper cap. The texture is very light and gets into the skin immediately, with no greasy feeling at all.


I have been using this for a while now and I find it worked great on my sensitive skin, I have used it different ways from applying it directly to mixing it with my foundation for a glowing finish. As you all know by now that I always apply oils and concentrates by taping motion, this technique allows the product to get into your skin plus it boosts the collagen under the skin allowing the water pockets under the skin to get active. I found this Clinical Concentrate Radiance Booster works same as peels but much more gentle and lighter than actual peels. If you’re some one like me who has a sensitive skin and don’t like peels for the fact that they makes skin even more sensitive, this is some thing to consider. I found two drops were good enough to cover the whole face, avoiding going too close to under the eyes since it has a caution note to avoid contact with eyes. I loved the fact that you can customize this by mixing it your favorite skin care so there is no extra step on applying the skin care products.

Clinical Concentrate Boosters also comes in two more different textures, Hydration Booster and Purifying Booster to really customize your beauty needs. You can get them individually or it comes in trio pack where you get to try all three at the same time with a great price.

  • Radiance Booster – helps transform dull skin into a younger-looking, glowing, luminous complexion.
  • Hydration Booster – helps infuse and seal deep moisture for firmer, softer, smoother-looking skin.
  • Purifying Booster – helps control excess oil as it works to clear and tighten pores for increased clarity.

You can find these Clinical Concentrate Boosters from Dr. Dennis Gross in store at Sephora and online at Sephora.ca and Dr.DennisGross.com .