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Dior has launched their Spring Collection Glowing Garderns  for 2016, and spring beauty collections are my favourite of all seasons. Bright and pastel shades always catches my eyes. This Glowing Garderns Collection from Dior have just landed in stores so you might struggle finding these in all stores since some stores get them later this week. The Glowing Gardens Collection carries a great range of pastel and neutral shades plus they are Limited Edition so once its gone you never know if it is going to come back. The item I picked out:

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Illuminating Powder  in Glowing Nude is the high light of this spring collection. The Illuminating powder comes in two shades Glowing Nude which a very soft bronze shade with a hint of gold and Glowing pink which has a pearl shade with a hint of pink. I have been waiting for a very long time to get my hands on this highlighter from Dior since highlighting been so trending and I feel highlighting will get to another level this year. But first let’s talk about these beauties Glowing Pink and Glowing Gold are stunning in both shades, and the surface is embossed with a beautiful print which reminds you of cherry blossom every time you open the compact. I went for Glowing Nude, as it says (NUDE) it really gives the most natural glow to the skin and definitely build-able to reach a maximum glow for more glamorous look and will be perfect to reach it for the whole year around. The Texture is smooth and easy to blend.  It comes with a beautiful carry-able blush brush.


Here is a little comparison of the Glowing Nude and Glowing Pink with some of other highlighters that I own that are very close in shade and glow. Frenzy and Albatross from Nars are far away from Glowing Nude, they both have more like gold tone but I find Soft and Gentle from M.A.C is really close to match Glowing Nude. Also Pro-sculpting Duo from Makeup For Ever was a very close match to Glowing Pink. Overall I really felt Glowing Nude complements my skin during spring and summer and would give my skin a perfect glow.

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Eye Shadow and Liner Duo in IRIS is a water-proof shadow liner duos to intensify the eye. This is a double ended pencil featuring a shadow to shade the eye lids in shimmering tones and gives an iridescent finish, plus a pigmented eye liner to rim the lashes with a bold line and gives eyes a contoured shape.  As you all know me by now I am crazy about warm tones, especially when it comes to eyes. My first pick was in Twig which has a very warm platinum shade with a brown liner to the other end but I felt it was fading away with my skin tone but Iris was just too cool to give my eyes a hint of colour during spring. I also love to layer my eye shadows with a cream base and to make full proof I cover it with powder, so this eye shadow in Iris gives me a full support to make my eye shadows stay longer and give it a smoky look with a soft and silky texture or for a soft and dewy look just use it by itself. The eye liner in dark navy is perfect to define the shape of the eye or add a little drama under the eye, and gives the eyes a bolder look.




Vibrant Colour Powder Blush in Blooming Pink is a must for this season. This Vibrant Colour powder blush has a very pastel pink shade and carries little sparkles to reflect for a very soft and chic look.  It is a stunning blush to wear all year along and gives you a pop of colour. The formula is very pigmented and it is a micronized powder texture blends beautifully with the skin. Totally undetectable and weightless and perfect to complement your cheeks. Again the surface is covered with blossom flower prints. This Vibrant colour powder blush in Blooming Pink enhances all skin tones and comes along with an angled blush brush which is very convenient to touch up any where.

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 Gel Shine and Long wear nail Lacquer  in Lilac is a perfect shade to wear this spring. I totally love to wear pastel shade during spring, it gives a great complement to the out fit. Dior has come with Vernis where it strengthens the nails surface for extra long wear and its ingenious formula that adds up the gel effect. The techno polymer creates a smooth and seamless finish and is streak free. It has a great coverage and covers nails with just two codes.
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FullSizeRender (4)There is also an eye shadow pallet in the collection as well that I passed on, 5 Couleurs Glowing Gardens in two shades that I felt I was not really interested, even though the shades were beautifully arranged but I guess the shades were not too impressive. Overall the Illuminating powder in Glowing Nude and Pink is the winner in this collection and I would suggest to get them before they are gone.